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May 24, 2018 | Article


When it comes to the interior design of a vacation rental property you own, you shouldn’t stress about it too much but at the same time you should be deliberate with your choices. There’s no way that you can implement the tastes of all your future guests as that would be impossible. However, there are a handful of tips that are easy to understand, simple in their implementation, and will most certainly help you beautify your property and, most importantly, book more reservations. Watchman Villas, our Zion vacation rental, has seen wonderful success in large part from the consideration of these suggestions.


The flooring that you select for your Zion vacation rental should be built to last. Choose stone or hardwood, for example, rather than carpet as the latter requires more time and effort to clean and maintain. Your Zion vacation rental will endure a lot of wear and tear and the surface that receives the most friction is obviously the floor. Where furniture is concerned, don’t choose frilly, ornate pieces. Go instead for sturdy, simple, high-quality items. Simple does not mean boring, by the way. You can make your Zion vacation rental unique and simple simultaneously quite easily, and you would be wise in doing so.


As mentioned above, simple does not mean sacrificing originality. It is recommended to be a bit adventurous and bold in your decorative choices for your Zion vacation rental. Go a bit bolder than you would in your own house when it comes to color choices. Incorporate things like vintage items, statement posters, a cozy chaise near a window, a hammock, and a cool reading nook. These are of course only a few ideas of hundreds of possibilities that will give your Zion vacation rental a little extra something – an edge. Be sure to emphasize privacy. Guests value it as much as anything else, possibly more.


There are little things that you can do to the interior of your Zion vacation rental that will up the luxury factor a lot. Purchase a waterfall shower head for the bathroom. Get some oversized towels. See if you can obtain an elegant headboard for the bed. Quality, soft bedsheets should be prioritized. All of these things shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and will increase the romantic, luxurious, pampering feel of your vacation rental.


Did you know that the #1 amenity that spurs potential travelers to book particular vacation rentals is the kitchen? An inviting kitchen goes a long way to improving the value and appeal of your Zion vacation rental. Things like extra bar stools, and expansive dining table that can seat 8 or more with extending capabilities is a great addition. Be sure to include a coffee machine and perhaps even a juicer. Keep local cookbooks in the cupboard as well.


Try your best to incorporate the flavor of the location in the interior design. Things that reflect local customs and culture enhance the guest’s travel experience and really make it special. Artsy event posters specific to the region, artisanal decorations, and even use particular paint colors that are associated with the area if applicable. Do this with the furniture as well. If your property is in a rustic environment, let the furniture reflect that, for example. If you’re in the heart of a metropolitan city, try implementing more modern furniture and appliances if you can.


Don’t forget to take quality photos of everything in your Zion vacation rental to include in your online description. This isn’t a direct interior design tip, but if you’re spending quality time and effort on everything mentioned in this article, make sure to get great pictures taken of it all because that is ultimately what is going to hook travelers as they view your listing online.



5 Suggestions For Vacation Rental Interior Design

Zion Vacation Rental

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