What is a Vacation Rental and How is Watchman Unique

Jan 25, 2018 | Article


Vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular every year worldwide for both independent and family travelers. Many people are still a bit unsure as to what exactly a vacation rental is and how they are different from a traditional hotel or resort, particularly in Zion Park. What follows is information to help you understand the key characteristics of a vacation rental, what makes them stand out from other lodging options, and what makes Watchman Villas unique among them.

The idea behind vacation rentals is that instead of staying in a hotel or motel, you are staying in an actual home, townhome, or apartment that is owned by a person or an organization (like a property management company, for example). Those who own and advertise vacation rentals hope to provide a more inexpensive, private, comfortable, and convenient lodging option for travelers, making it so you don’t have to worry about all of the headaches that are often associated with finding a hotel room. With hotels, travelers often run vacancy issues, exorbitant prices (including resort fees, etc), parking problems, distance issues – the list can go on. We don’t mean to disparage hotels because let’s face it, we’ve all stayed in them and for the most part, it’s a relatively stress-free process. But vacation rentals not only eliminate the majority of those stresses, they provide even more benefits and luxuries.

One positive aspect of staying in vacation rentals (especially in Zion Park) is how much more space you have. Hotels are typically somewhat confined spaces with little room to breath and relax and require you to sleep, watch tv, get ready for the day, and hang out all in the same space. VR’s, on the other, hand, are not designed that way. They are homes with separate rooms with specific purposes like you’re used to in your own home. Another wonderful thing about this is that it really allows you to feel more like locals than a tourist while you’re residing in your destination location. And remember that you’ll probably have a washer and dryer, a full-size refrigerator, a desk, a stove, and other things that almost never come included in a hotel. True, you won’t have maid service, concierges, and some of those traditional hotel services. But if the idea of not worrying about a housekeeper knocking on your door sounds nice to you, you’ll love staying in a VR. These things will more fully allow you to take in Zion Park in an efficient way.

A lot of folks have a misconception that staying in a vacation rental means expensive, beachfront property that only wealthy people can afford. Though there are many rentals that fall into some of those categories (even near Zion Park), the majority of them are – as we said before – designed specifically to be less expensive then hotels and are located really anywhere you can imagine. Regular homes, apartments, duplexes, mansions – all of these types of dwellings can be turned into vacation rentals by their owners.

Now that you know all of that, take note that the incredible thing about Watchman Villas is that it combines the best of both worlds. You can book your room just like a hotel and don’t need to go through any of the verification rigamarole that you sometimes have to go through (though understandably necessary) when booking places through websites like AirBnb and other similar sites. And because of the nature of the Watchman Villas building, you have a quasi-hotel feel but all of the known benefits of vacation rentals. It’s an incredible place that you just have to experience. It will become your favorite lodging spot in Springdale and Zion Park.


What is a Vacation Rental and How is Watchman Unique

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