Industry Trends in 2018 for Vacation Rentals – Part 2

May 3, 2018 | Article


This article is a continuation of the Zion Park lodge post Industry Trends in 2018 for Vacation Rentals – Part 1.

Home-style lodging options will continue to increase in popularity

The rise of vacation rentals worldwide has led to more and more home and property owners renting out there places to travelers. People with vacant properties have turned a profit by letting tourists stay in them. People are buying homes and condos for the express purpose of getting into the vacation rental industry to make some side income. Staying in a Zion Park lodge or traditional hotel in any location is an option that certainly isn’t going anywhere, but vacation rentals and other alternative lodging choices are becoming increasingly more desirable and convenient. Even very alternative options like treehouses (30%), houseboats (40% growth), barns (55% growth), RVs (133% growth), and yurts (155% growth) have seen huge increases in the number of total reservations even in just the last year. The diversification of lodging options outside of a Zion Park lodge has expanded so much. We definitely have technology to thank to a large degree for making the listing and booking processes so effortless with sites like Airbnb and HomeAway that allow so many people the opportunity to get in on the action. These growth percentages have steadily gone up every year for some time now and show no sign of slowing down. Out-of-the-ordinary accommodations will continue to grow in popularity.

Travel plans will remain mostly immune to politics

You and I may assume that cities and countries experiencing things like heated regional elections and large-scale protests (take Barcelona in 2017, for example) would naturally see a drop in the number people traveling there. This is not the case. Political tensions hardly ever slow down tourism numbers, believe it or not – at least it didn’t in 2017. Barcelona is just one example of an area of the world where civil or political unrest took place but travelers kept on coming month after month. It stayed near the top of international travel destinations where it’s always been. If you love staying in a Zion Park lodge, there are many similar international locations where you can have a similar experience.

Instant booking will be available for more properties than ever

In order to book quality vacation rentals like Watchman Villas or even a Zion Park lodge, you have to think ahead and not procrastinate to catch a vacancy. Many vacation rentals around the world still don’t have an instant booking option which makes reserving such a place not quite as easy as clicking a button. But every year, more property owners are adding the instant booking feature to their listing so that their potential guests don’t have to worry about slow response times which causes them to put their plans on hold until further notice and perhaps select a Zion Park lodge instead out of convenience. As of now, more than half of all the listings on Airbnb are instantly bookable. On, that number is over 60%. Property owners overall are realizing how important it is to have an instant booking option as it increases the chances of potential guests reserving their property exponentially.

Vacation rental industry’s connection to social change will grow

In 2017, thousands lost not only their homes but their entire neighborhoods in a wide variety of disasters like fires, floods, and hurricanes, to name only a few. The vacation rental industry has been instrumental in providing aid to these survivors by creating programs such as the HomeAway Disaster Relief program and the Airbnb Disaster Response program. Property owners who take part in these programs offer their homes at a discount or for free to victims who have lost their homes. The number of people participating is increasing at a high rate.

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Industry Trends in 2018 for Vacation Rentals – Part 2

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