Packing Suggestions For All Travelers – Part 1

Jun 23, 2018 | Article


Packing Suggestions For All Travelers – Part 1

It’s happened to all of us. You’ve planned the vacation with care, you’ve packed your bags with precision, and you’ve successfully traveled to the destination only to realize when you arrive at the vacation rental that you have forgotten your toiletry bag (or something else important). Now you’re rushing to find a supermarket or convenience store to acquire the items you forgot, paying more than you otherwise would have and being stressed while running around. Another common scenario travelers find themselves in involves overpacking which causes a lot of discomfort, disorganization, and money to be wasted (baggage fees). In order to avoid these and other packing mistakes that add unnecessary burdens to vacation, consider the follow Zion packing tips.

Roll Your Clothes

Zion packing tips 101: Folding tends to be the default way that most people pack their clothes in their suitcases but from now on you are going to roll, not fold. You can fit more items into an allotted space by rolling. Ask any backpacking enthusiast or travel expert. And they are less likely to get wrinkled. This suggestion falls under the “rule-of-thumb” section of Zion packing tips.

Create A List

You’ve got to make a packing list if you want to be an effective packer and adhere Zion packing tips. Procrastination always leads to poor packing. You need to start thinking about packing days in advance of your departure date. This is the best way to relieve stress because you’ll have plenty of time to purchase additional items you need and calculate exactly what to bring.

Find Out Baggage Fees

You don’t want or need surprises when it comes to baggage fees upon arrival at the airport. Sudden costs (sometimes large) that you have to fork out that you weren’t planning on – and right at the beginning of your trip – is a huge downer. Different airlines have different baggage fee policies so make sure you find out your airlines policies before making your way to the airport. In fact, if you really want to take Zion packing tips to heart, you should find out before you even begin packing for your trip.

Anticipate The Security Process

This is one of the Zion packing tips that, when not heeded, will make you facepalm yourself in the moment. The TSA has strict rules regarding what can and cannot be brought through the security line. Like unexpected baggage fees, being held up in line and/or being required to throw something away in the trash in order to go through security is a downer. Don’t just mindlessly pack all of your toiletry items, in particular. Many of them won’t make it through security. The agency’s rules state that liquids have to be in 3.4 oz bottles (or smaller) and must be secured in a clear ziplock bag. The TSA also has specific definitions of what is and what isn’t considered a liquid/gel. For example, icing, mashed potatoes, pudding and peanut butter are considered gels so they apply to the TSA rule, as do aerosol items, lip gloss, and mascara. Liquid prescription medication is the only thing that is exempt. Go to the TSA blog for further details. Be sure that this makes your Zion packing tips list.

Be Wise About Your Personal Item On The Flight

As you probably know, almost every airline allows each passenger to bring one appropriately sized bag into the cabin of the plane as well as one personal item. Many folks tend to simply choose only a small backpack, laptop, or purse as there carry-on item. When it comes to Zion packing tips, we suggest not limiting yourself by choosing the smallest item you can as an attempt to follow the rule. The truth is that as long as you can fit it comfortably under your seat or in the above-head bin, it’s allowed. Consider a larger bag or tote will still fit under the seat, for example, as you will be able to bring quite a bit more helpful and handy items on the flight with you. This is one of the best Zion packing tips for parents traveling with children to remember.

This article will continue with the Zion packing tips post Packing Suggestions For All Travelers – Part 2.


Packing Suggestions For All Travelers – Part 1

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