Packing Suggestions For All Travelers – Part 2

Jun 27, 2018 | Article


This article is a continuation of the Zion packing tip post Packing Suggestions For All Travelers – Part 1.

Do Laundry During Your Vacation

The next Zion packing tip has to do with laundry. Laundry facilities are one of the most underused amenities of the hotel industry. Many travelers are not even aware that their hotel has one, let alone consider using it if they do. Our response to this is: why? It is not that expensive and is absolutely worth it considering the amount of packing space you’ll save by bringing half as many outfits as you would normally bring and then simply doing one load of laundry at your hotel halfway through your trip? This is a Zion packing tip that is easily executed with almost no effort at all and makes an enormous difference on the amount of stuff that you bring on a trip, particularly if you’re traveling with your whole family, kids and all. Depending on where you stay, your hotel or vacation rental may even have free laundry service. Not taking advantage of that is a big oversight. Be sure to call in advance to make sure the place you stay has a laundry facility. Part of this Zion packing tip is also to remember to pack your own little baggy or container of laundry soap and fabric softener so you don’t have to buy it there.

The one place where doing laundry on a vacation can be a bit of a hassle (at least monetarily) is on a cruise. Typically, cruise ships drastically overcharge for laundry service. You can still wash your clothes in the sink in your room and then hang them out to dry if you really want to take this Zion packing tip to heart. Note: there are no cruises in Zion National Park. 🙂

Get Clothing Items That Serve More Than One Purpose

Pants that can turn into shorts, travel pillows that can turn into jackets, and other similar dual-purpose clothing items can save a lot of packing space and money. And many of them are not as hokey as you may be thinking. Just do a Google search and see all of the multi-use garments, footwear, travel items, and more that exist. This Zion packing tip may become one of your favorites if you’ve never purchased clothes like this.

Pack Layers and Wear Layers

What does this mean? First of all, wearing layers refers to the Zion packing tip helpful for those traveling through different climates and time zones, allowing continual comfort and style while doing so. Second, pack layers refers to the wise practice of organizing the clothes and items in your luggage in nicely formed layers. This allows for easy screening when going through security and will decrease the chances of you getting stopped for any reason which can take a very long time, as you probably know. To do this, make the first layer your shoes (for example), the second layer your clothes, the next layer your electronics, and so on. You’ll breeze through airport security lines much faster this way. This is a Zion packing tip that many people are unaware of.

Keep Essential Items In Your Carry-On

This Zion packing tip is very important. Anything that is essential or valuable to you in a particular way should never be stored in your large luggage pieces that you then hand to the employee for storage on the plane. Keep all such items with you in your carry-on bag. Things like electronics, jewelry, credit credits and wallets, money, IDs of any kind, and passports should stay with you at all times. Having a delayed or lost bag containing everything important is an absolutely awful situation to be in and can be easily avoided by following this Zion packing tip.


Packing Suggestions For All Travelers – Part 2

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