6 Best Places For Kids to Go Inside Zion National Park

Mar 1, 2018 | Article


There are so many great locations for children in Zion National Park. If you’ve ever heard someone say that Zion isn’t a place for kids, let that statement pass through one ear and out the other because that couldn’t be further from the truth. Families are one of the most common types of tourist that visit Zion year in and year out. Let us tell you about what we consider are the 5 best places for families with young kids to go inside Zion NP.

Temple of Sinewava

This is our favorite item on this when it comes to visitors with kids in Zion NP. There is absolutely no way they are not going to completely love this spot. This is essentially the bottom of the Narrows so people swim, wade, and frolic in the clear and flowing water. There are all sorts of specific river spots in this area that get deeper so if they want to legitimately swim, that option is available as well.

Weeping Rock

This is a favorite Zion NP trail of many families we’ve talked to. Kids always enjoy this short, 0.5-mile round trip hike. This paved trail is uphill the whole way up and downhill on the way back. You can even bring a stroller on this one if you’d like. There’s just a handful of stairs at the end that you can easily lift the stroller over. Weeping Rock is so named because the water seeping in the cliffside causes dripping water walls and a pleasantly cool environment once you get up inside the cove. Water also falls in streams from overhead, giving the landmark its name. There’s also a stream at the bottom with access points near where you park your car that the kids can play in.

Emerald Pools

Emerald Pools is one of the most popular hikes in Zion NP because of how easy it is to access (the trailhead is located directly across from the Zion Lodge) and how versatile and safe it is. Little kids should be okay hiking the 0.6 miles to the lower pool. Any further than that will probably be too much for the little ones so let the lower pool be your destination and then turn back. If your kids are 7-8 or above, they will probably be okay going the additional 0.3 miles to the next pool. The pools are really spectacular to see and the waterfall flows at varying levels of intensity depending on the time of year and amount of rainfall.

Zion Lodge

Lunchtime! Go to the Zion Lodge and get your fill at the restaurant or at the snack bar. Or bring your own picnic lunch with some blankets and eat it under one of the many large, shady trees. Bring some frisbees, paddleball, or a football and have some fun on the sprawling lawn area. Countless families have long-standing traditions picnicking in this area.

Pa’rus Trail

This makes the list because it is the only straightforward, flat trail in Zion NP and it’s paved. Bikes and leashed pets are allowed on this trail so pack up the bicycles if you want to and hit Pa’rus. It’s one of the most beautiful bike rides you’ll ever take as a family. And if the kids don’t want to keep the dog at home, bring the leash and some doggy bags and experience Zion NP with poochie.

The Visitor Center

The Visitor Center just outside the entrance to Zion NP is a great spot to let the kids out of the car and play. Here you can obtain information about Junior the Ranger program, eat food on the lawns, fill up your water bottles, go the bathroom, and do your final regroup before heading out for the day’s activities. There are also souvenirs and all sorts of other goodies, trinkets, and keepsakes that you can purchase here.


6 Best Places For Kids to Go Inside Zion NP

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