Top 5 Things to See On Your First Trip To Zion National Park

Aug 21, 2017 | Article


Here are five site recommendations for first-time visitors to Zion National Park.

Zion-Mt. Carmel Scenic Highway

This is a road that is just chock full of a literal overload of incredible sight. Zion-Mt. Carmel Scenic Highway acts as essentially as Springdale, UT’s main street, but it’s length stretches much further out and encompasses much of the surrounding area. From the comfort of your own vehicle, you can experience a visual feast. Majestic rock faces and cliffs, colorful trees and other plant life, and if you are lucky you may even see some animals such as mountain goats or deer. There are many scenic pull-off areas where you can stop, stretch, take some pictures, and relax as you see the unbelievable landscapes all around you. Bathrooms are sparse along this road so make sure you take care of that need first before heading out.

Checkerboard Mesa

This portion of the article is dedicated to a particular scenic stop area as previously mentioned. While you’re driving on Zion-Mt. Carmel Scenic Highway it’s pretty darn easy to fly past those little pull-off areas, but try hard not to miss this one. Checkerboard Mesa makes itself known a bit better than some of the other pull-off areas because it has a distinct light gray color that’s surrounded by red rock. If you’re consciously looking for it you won’t miss it. You will take some pretty incredible pictures at this spot that will surely be Instagram worthy. I’ll let you see for yourself when you get there.

Riverside Walk

Get yourself on board one of the park shuttles and exit that shuttle on the very last stop. This is the entrance to an awesome trail that ends up at Riverside Walk which is most definitely one of the most popular Zion National Park because of its easy access and natural beauty. The children can come on this little walk for sure, as well as those requiring a wheel chair. The quaint and paved trail slithers around some beautiful surroundings alongside the Virgin River, gets to an ending point, and then you turn around and go back, seeing the views from the opposite viewpoint. It’s wonderful. Make sure you do this.

The Narrows

We can’t recommend the best places to see in Zion National Park without saying anything about the Narrows. It’s a classic! This should be on everyone’s “things to do before I croak” list. The Narrows, in case you don’t already know, is a small, gorgeous canyon with water from the Virgin River flowing through it. When you hike the Narrows, you wade through the water most of the time while seeing some of the most jaw-dropping rock formations and carved canyons you’ll ever see. It’s just amazing. You have the option to do the full 10 miles of it or there are shorter alternate routes.

Weeping Rock

This is another place you can get to by taking one of the park shuttles and getting off at a particular stop; in this case, stop 7. This trail will lead you straight to an amazing place called Weeping Rock. This little hike, much like Riverside Walk, is short and relatively easy. However, this one does have a couple short, steep climbs, just so you are aware. A perpetual flow of spring water to this spot creates a rich, green area with lots of hanging plants and fresh moisture. It’s just lovely, and we know you’ll love it.


Top 5 Things To See On Your First Visit

Zion National Park

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