Zion And Springdale, A Match Made In Heaven

Mar 13, 2019 | Article


Zion And Springdale, A Match Made In Heaven

While the word “Zion” does connote a heavenly place, I concede that the joining of Springdale, Utah with Zion National Park was made by economical, geological, and geographical forces on earth, not in heaven.  Granted, vacationers to Zion have used “heavenly” words to describe the experience, but this is likely because of the language’s limited number of adjectives, which are already overused: “awesome,” “magnificent,” “gorgeous,” inspiring, etc.  Because Zion and Springdale combine synergistically to make a fantastic vacation, we can use the euphemism here, though a little tongue-in-cheek.

How Zion And Springdale Join Forces

Over 100 years ago, people saw the possibilities of building a charming town adjacent to this natural wonder in Southern Utah.  Tourism became king, and thus, the relationship began. Springdale provides the secure home base from which to launch your Southern Utah vacation to Zion and other big draws.   An excellent home base is convenient, has the right amenities, and is located in decent proximity to other coveted destinations. Springdale hits the mark. It is stuffed with a wide range of lodging choices, adorned with a motif of the Southwest.  One-of-a-kind hotels, along with the familiar national chains, welcome guests from around the globe. The lodges are rustic, yet classy, and indulge you. Springdale also features tasty restaurants that offer everything from fast-food to gourmet cuisine.  There is even a first-class set of vacation rentals, called the Watchman Villas.

From Springdale, you can drive to five other “heavenly” places in less than three hours:  Grand Canyon, Bryce National Park, Lake Powell, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, and St. George, Utah.  Springdale is the “No place like home,” and Zion is the playground or outdoor paradise.

Your overnight stay in Springdale readies you for venturing out to Zion and other sites, nearby.  Zion features magnificent cliffs and towering sandstone formations, great hikes, and stunning vistas.  The 4th most visited national park in America, Zion is a utopia for hikers and photographers.  Wildlife is everywhere, hiking trails ubiquitous, and campsites abundant.

Experiencing Zion

The Virgin River sculpted a variety of rock formations over thousands of years of erosion.  Now, as millions of tourists appreciate it, you can wade in the river and imagine a faint “You’re welcome,” bubbling with the flow.  During the busy season of spring, summer, and fall, no need to negotiate high traffic. The main road is closed. Take the ranger-led shuttle from your hotel to the Visitors Center or any of the stops of the hiking trailheads.  

The hiking trails of Zion are rated easy to moderate to strenuous, and a few have wheelchair access.  The Riverside Walk is kid-friendly, easy, and accessible to wheelchairs. The Watchman Trail is nice for moderate hikers who want to see cool rock formations without worrying about a fear of heights.  Angels’ Landing is more strenuous and takes you to sights unseen by common folk. Only the able-bodied and ambitious, and perhaps some heavenly beings, have seen the gorgeous vistas from Angels’ Landing.

Zion and Springdale are at the ground floor of the Grand Staircase, so you are surrounded by other-worldly rock formations.   Every outcropping has a Biblical name and displays its own personality of black-, gold-, and amber-layered striations.  A perfect match, Zion is the Yin and Springdale the Yang. Springdale feeds you, bathes you, rests you, and coddles you.  Zion challenges you, thrills you, and inspires you. Best of all, experiencing Zion bonds you with friends or family.

Zion and Springdale go together like ebony and ivory, milk and cookies, ice and soda, Michael Jordan and basketball—matches “made in heaven.”


Zion And Springdale, A Match Made In Heaven

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