Adventures for Your Springdale Vacation

Oct 15, 2018 | Article


The charming, little town of Springdale, Utah conveniently sits just outside the entrance to the third most popular national park in the United States—Zion National Park.  Springdale boasts some classy and unique lodging, restaurants, and gift shops. Zion itself features some of the most beautiful hikes in the world. Not only are the hikes at Zion fantastic, but also there are some other very cool places to see on your Springdale vacation, within one to two-hours driving distance.

Hikes For Families With Children

The Canyon Overlook Trail is attractive to families because it’s short, passes through a large, natural cave, and provides a magnificent view of Zion Canyon, below.  About one mile of walking takes you to an amazing scene, memorable for your Springdale vacation.

Weeping Rock hike is only half a mile, and the scenery is vibrant and colorful.  The narrow trail is a little hard for strollers and passersby to negotiate.

The Emerald Pools trails are well-worn and famous for Springdale vacations because they are easy–from one mile to three.  You’ll see waterfalls, pools, and greenery on the Emerald Pools hikes.

The Watchman Trail goes three miles and is not hard for most folks.  It’ll give you some pretty views and mild to moderate intensity of exercise.

Hikes of Moderate to Strenuous Activity

Some say that your Springdale vacation would not be complete without a hike through the Narrows.  Zion Narrows runs between three and eight miles, depending on when you want to turn back.  You’ll walk much of it in the Virgin River, which is shallow enough for most folks. On a hot day, this hike will cool you off.  Occasionally, a flash flood can be a big problem. History tells us that rushing water has tragically swept away some people. Check and recheck the forecast.

The trail to Observation point is about eight miles round trip, so plan on five hours for the average hiker.  It climbs 2,100 feet of elevation and shows you Echo Canyon, the sharp ridge of Angel’s Landing, and majestic views of Zion Park.

Of all the Zion hikes, Angel’s Landing is the most iconic, not because it’s longer or more demanding, but because it’s scarier and offers breath-taking sights.  Toward its climax, you’ll use chains, attached to a narrow ridge, to hold onto so you don’t fall from the ridge to your death, below. If you are afraid of heights, do not venture out to Angel’s Landing.  It’s about five miles round trip, and the views at the Landing are spectacular.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

Just 45 minutes north of Springdale is one of the top-rated adventure resorts in the USA.  Zion Ponderosa is nestled amid mountains with green pines and beautiful views. Your Springdale vacation will be much richer from an experience at the Ponderosa.  Offerings include paint-balling, horse-back riding, rappelling, Jeep touring, shotgun shooting, zip-lining, swimming, and camping in rustic, Cowboy Cabins.

Bryce Canyon National Park

From Springdale, drive 90 minutes to one of the most unique vistas you’ll ever see.  Bryce Canyon is colorful, with whites, oranges, and greens. It is routinely included in a Springdale vacation for a lot of people.  The best parts, in this author’s opinion, are the reddish Hoodoos.  These alien-like sculptures stand as guards over the serene canyons and valleys of Bryce.  Stop at one of the many pullouts along the highway, and take some pictures, or hike down a trail to get up close and personal with the Hoodoos.  The Hoodoos were formed by erosion of sandstone from wind and water over thousands of years. A popular place is Queen Victoria’s Garden, so named because of a large, rock formation that resembles the face of Queen Victoria.




Adventures for Your Springdale Vacation

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