Why Staying At The Watchman Villas Is A Genius Idea

Feb 26, 2019 | Article


There are many lodging options when visiting Utah’s five national parks, but there is only one Watchman Villas.  The Watchman makes your next vacation potentially your best ever, if you know how to take advantage of it. I will describe three reasons why booking and staying at Watchman Villas in Springdale, Utah will make you look like a genius.

Stunning Photography

If you have a high schooler, you will climb quickly to “Cool Dad” status when your kid sees the scenery that surrounds the Watchman Villas, especially if he or she is enrolled in a photography class.  “Awesome” is just one of the adjectives. The blue skies, red dirt, flower colors, and canyon rock features are fantastic, even to a teenager. Take your teen on the nearby free shuttle just minutes to the entrance of Zion National Park, where the aspiring, young photographer will be mesmerized.  Though not happy about getting up at the crack of dawn, he or she now sees why. At a glimpse of the Towers of the Virgin, she thinks, “My teacher is really going to like this.” She snaps a few shots of the giant pillars of red, orange, and yellow stone and notices it appears as if blood is dripping down the rock face.  She says to herself. “This’ll get an A grade.”

Next, you decide to hike up the trail to the Emerald Pools.  Near the top, you see in the distance a leafy bush, rustling.  The young photographer instinctively zooms in to find three young cougars wrestling with each other, paws and teeth as their weapons of play.  The camera clicks repeatedly, and she knows she has something special.

Comforts of Watchman Villas

Meanwhile, back at the Watchman, Mother is cooking her award-winning chili in the well-furnished kitchen of the villa, just in time for the arrival of Dad and Daughter.  The smell makes them even hungrier, and the daughter devours two bowls full. Rest and relaxation is the motto of the Watchman Villas, and the family indulges in comfortable furniture and television.

They notice the deck outside the villa’s glass doors.  Standing outside, they gaze at the starry sky and take in the fresh air and silence.  Nice! Later, the beds feel so good.

They sleep till 9:00 the next morning, then up for breakfast of eggs, pancakes, and strawberries.  They had stocked the refrigerator with enough for a few days. After breakfast, off the three of them went again to Zion for more hiking and photographing the magnificent vistas.

Convenient Access To Diverse Restaurants

Mom wants to eat out on the second night, so they walk across the lot to the Bit and Spur Restaurant.  The menu features Southwest and Mexican cuisine—the best recipes—not the ordinary. This place has won awards and is simply delicious.  All three of you feast on the tasty dishes. While you’re eating, both wife and daughter look at each other with smiles. They think Dad’s idea to stay there was genius.


Why Staying At The Watchman Villas Is A Genius Idea

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