What are the Odds of Getting an Angels Landing Permit?

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With so many incredible national parks, a rich history, beautiful landscapes, and endless adventures, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Utah vacation ideas.

When it comes to planning a visit to Zion, hiking Angels Landing is on many visitors’ bucket lists. But with the new permit program, launched in 2022 to help alleviate crowding on the trail, this isn’t as easy as simply showing up to the trailhead.

Today, visitors hoping to hike this iconic trail must enter one or both of the two lotteries. What are your odds of getting a permit? Keep reading to find out what you need to know, and how to get a permit during your stay in Watchman Villas.

What are the Odds of Getting an Angels Landing Permit?

The popular hiking website, Outdoor Status, conducted a study on the odds of getting a permit in the Angels Landing lottery. They found that just 43 percent of those who entered either the Day-Before Lottery, the Seasonal Lottery, or both received a permit.

That means that you have less than a 50/50 chance of scoring a permit during your visit.

What Months Are the Easiest for Scoring a Permit?

A 43 percent chance of scoring a permit to hike Angels Landing might be disheartening. But the time of year you visit might help you increase your odds.

This study found that your chances may be better during certain times of the year. In fact, it found that some months, your chances of getting a permit soar to 87 percent.

The Outdoor Status Study analyzed entries into both the Seasonal Lottery and the Day-Before Lottery for the months of April through September 2022. 

The month with the highest success rate for scoring a permit through the Seasonal Lottery was August when 87 percent of those who entered received a permit. The other months saw the following success rates:

  • July: 69 percent success rate
  • May: 62 percent success rate
  • April: 43 percent success rate
  • September: 38 percent success rate
  • June: 31 percent success rate

The results of the Day-Before Lottery were a little different. August was still the month with the highest success rate, with 64 percent of entries landing a permit. The rest of the months saw the following success rates:

  • July: 59 percent success rate
  • September: 46 percent success rate
  • June: 44 percent success rate
  • May: 29 percent success rate
  • April: 23 percent success rate

The results show that the best time to visit Zion if you’re hoping to hike this famous trail are the months of August and September. And, booking your stay at the best resorts near Zion early enough to enter the Seasonal Lottery for the dates of your stay can greatly increase your odds.

What Days of the Week are the Best for Scoring a Permit?

In addition to finding that some months saw higher success rates for scoring a permit, certain days of the week saw higher success rates as well. When you enter for a permit to hike Angels Landing, you’ll select seven days and times or windows of days and times that you would like to take on this iconic hike. 

The Seasonal Lottery saw the following success rates for each day of the week:

  • Tuesday: 63 percent success rate
  • Wednesday: 53 percent success rate
  • Sunday: 51 percent success rate
  • Monday: 49 percent success rate
  • Thursday: 47 percent success rate
  • Friday: 41 percent success rate
  • Saturday: 38 percent success rate

The Day-Before Lottery saw the following success rates for each day of the week:

  • Wednesday: 52 percent success rate
  • Tuesday: 45 percent success rate
  • Thursday: 43 percent success rate
  • Monday: 40 percent success rate
  • Friday: 39 percent success rate
  • Sunday: 36 percent success rate
  • Saturday: 33 percent success rate

What to Do if You Don’t Get a Permit

If your Utah vacation ideas revolve around getting a permit to hike Angels Landing, you might be disappointed if you don’t get one. But while Angels Landing might be the park’s most famous trail, there are plenty of other challenging, unique, and beautiful hikes to enjoy during your stay in the best resorts near Zion.

The Narrows might not have the steep climb you’ll find on Angels Landing, but it may be even more unique. This trail takes you into the narrowest part of Zion Canyon. You’ll trek through the cool waters of the Virgin River, sometimes wading knee deep, as you take in the view of towering cliff faces on either side. A full hike of this trail covers 16 miles, and often involves sleeping overnight on the trail. But you can also ride the Zion shuttle to the last stop, hike the short Riverside Walk, then hike upriver as far as you’d like before turning back around to hike out.

Check out other great alternatives to Angels Landing here.

Picking the Best Utah Vacation Ideas

Hiking Angels Landing is one of the most popular Utah vacation ideas. But the park has so much more to offer.

From incredible hikes to scenic drives, high-adventure, scenic beauty, and so much more, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy in Zion National Park. Watchman Villas is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day in the park. With a full-kitchen great for making homemade meals, spacious villas with room for the whole family, and great views of the park from your private balcony or patio, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the best resorts near Zion. Book your stay today to see for yourself!

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