3 Reasons to Stay at Watchman Villas

Aug 29, 2017 | Article


There are a surprising amount of lodging options in the town of Springdale. Some of them are stereotypical hotels in the traditional sense, some of them are 5-star resorts, and others are somewhere in between. Before going any further, let us be the first to say that no lodging choice in Springdale is a bad one, and that certainly can’t be said about every destination location. The amount of pride and meticulous care that locals and business owners take to make their town a cut above the rest is beyond exceptional. However, no matter where you travel for a vacation, there are always a small number of establishments that have that little extra something; something special that separates them from the rest. Watchman Villas is one of those places. Watchman incorporates 5 unique condos that provide the highest quality of comfort, luxury, privacy, and convenience. Here are 3 reasons why people choose Watchman Villas when they stay visit Zion National Park.


Watchman is located in the heart of Springdale and shares a parking lot with the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center. In fact, one of the five condos sits atop the Visitor Center; literally. The other four make up a 4-plex directly next door. When you stay at Watchman, a car is for the most part not needed. You are located directly in the middle of town, where everything is already notorious for being within walking distance. Restaurants, shops, and really any place you’re thinking of going during your stay you can get there comfortably on foot in either direction. Not only that but, as previously mentioned, you have the Visitor Center virtually outside your doorstep? So any nick-necks, souvenirs, or other supplies you’ll need for your adventures in Zion are within arms reach. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more central and convenient location anywhere in Springdale.


The Villas were built to provide visitors and tourists with an alternative lodging option to the standard hotel. Staying here will allow you to avoid large crowds and bumping shoulders with big groups of tourists who typically share the same hotel. Our spacious condos are a respite from the tourist grind. It’s more like you’re staying in an actual home away from home compared to the wall-to-wall rooms at a hotel or resort. Guests can have their own space without worrying about the hustle and bustle. It’s a wonderful alternative if you prefer to have more peace and quiet than you’re used to when you’re on vacation.


All five units are equipped with modern, luxurious furniture and amenities. Providing more space than a typical hotel room, you’ll have plenty of room to relax and spread your wings. Multiple different room types offer varying layouts, but each villa provides maximum comfort.


There are many other reasons why choosing Watchman Villas as your home away from home during your visit to Zion National Park is a wise decision, but let these three sink in and peak your interest. We hope to see you in Springdale soon!


3 Reasons to Stay at Watchman Villas


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