Industry Trends in 2018 for Vacation Rentals – Part 1

Apr 25, 2018 | Article


The vacation rental industry is as exciting as any other modern industry. With all the change and growth that happens with each passing year, being involved with vacation rentals near Zion or anywhere in 2018 has already been and will continue to be quite an experience. It is expected that by the beginning of 2019 the industry will have exceeded $35 billion. Here is an explanation of existing trends that are likely to continue as well as new trends that are expected to surface in 2018.

The most popular type of vacation rental – beach property – will remain king

As has been the case for many years, destination locations with beaches will most certainly continue to be the most visited places in the world. However, it is interesting to note that because of the growing popularity of vacation rentals, large coastal resorts no longer hold an exclusive grasp on the lodging market in these areas. More property owners every year are making oceanside homes available for rent to tourists providing an alternative, less expensive, and oftentimes superior lodging options for travelers.

Booking direct will become more and more common

Direct booking is not only growing in popularity but also growing in overall importance, even for vacation rentals near Zion. An increasing amount of property owners actually encourage it over other options. This is because a higher percentage of the amount paid goes to the owners during a direct booking in addition to a better deal being had by the reserver. Sure, the popularity of aggregate booking sites certainly is not going away. But when it comes to vacation rentals near Zion and elsewhere, travelers are catching on to the fact that they often get a better deal when booking directly compared to using a metasearch site. This is typically because a markup almost always exists on the choices found on listing sites which is a tactic undertaken by property owners to counteract the fees associated with listing their properties on these sites. Knowing this, it isn’t a surprise that we’ve seen an increase in individual vacation rental websites being built, including our own Watchman Villas site and others for vacation rentals near Zion.

High-rolling travelers such as celebrities will use vacation rentals more

Even celebrities are catching on to the benefits of staying in a vacation rental compared to traditional hotels and resorts, mainly because of the secluded privacy that luxury vacation rentals often offer. According to the current trend, a higher percentage of the rich and famous will choose vacation rentals during their travels. Of the millions of listings on Airbnb, for example, an increasing percentage of those are mansions and other similar luxurious properties.

Regulations will continue to have little effect on the growing industry

You may have seen many times on the news last year how so many cities (major and minor) passed laws and restrictions attempting to affect the increasing number of residents renting out their homes as short-term rentals. Big cities like Reykjavik, Barcelona, and New York City, for example, all passed such laws in 2017 to restrict owners of vacation rentals. The truth is, however, that so far the effect these regulations have had on people taking part in the vacation rental industry and vacation rentals in Zion has been minimal. More people are joining the movement every year as either property owners or guests, regardless. In fact, New York gets more vacation rental booking and short-term rental reservations than any other urban city in the world on Airbnb.

This article will continue with the vacation rentals near Zion post Industry Trends in 2018 for Vacation Rentals – Part 2.


Industry Trends in 2018 for Vacation Rentals – Part 1

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