How to Eliminate Vacation Rental Risks Before Booking

Mar 28, 2018 | Article


There are many differences between staying at a hotel and staying at a vacation rental. For one, the hotel industry is heavily regulated whereas the vacation rental industry isn’t. There are some things that can happen and certain situations that one can find oneself in – problematic situations – that are unique to the world of vacation rentals. Granted, the majority of vacation rental owners out there are interested in repeat business and good reviews so the honor system is notoriously heeded in the vacation rental business. But, as in any industry, situations can arise that you would rather avoid. There is a way that you can eliminate almost any chance of booking vacation rentals in Zion or anywhere else and that is with the help of Airbnb Plus. Last month (Feb 2018) Airbnb launched a new platform, Airbnb Plus, which only includes listings that have been meticulously looked over by certified inspectors using a system they’ve put in place that involves a checklist with 100 points. This new system of ensuring travelers interested in vacation rentals that they listings they book have been thoroughly vetted is expected to represent a huge step in further validating the industry.

Using this system, you’ll know exactly what amenities every listing has as this particular feature is more comprehensive than what you see on regular Airbnb listings. You’ll know more specific amenity details like the specific connection speed of the Wifi, the style and firmness of the pillows, and what type of kitchen amenities are stocked on the shelves. One thing to remember is that booking a vacation rental through Airbnb Plus will cost more than if you were to select a booking through the regular Airbnb method. You’re paying for a more complete service as well as enhanced peace of mind knowing that the owner of that particular vacation rental took the time to thoroughly vet their property. As of this writing, 13 cities are available on Airbnb Plus (Rome, Shanghai, and LA to name a few) with the total amount of listings at around 2,000. Airbnb says that over 50 different markets will be represented on Airbnb Plus by year’s end, as well as total listings in excess of 70,000. Vacation rentals in Zion are slated to be among that future group.

A Few Other Ways to Avoid Issues

In addition to using Airbnb Plus, here are more tips to follow to ensure that you are booking places that are problem-free. And certainly use these suggestions when booking vacation rentals in Zion, as well.

-Don’t book solely on how good vacation rentals in Zion look in the photos. Though you won’t need to worry about this when staying in Springdale, things like how safe is the neighborhood and how secure is the building matter a lot, arguably even more. Consider the level of fire safety as well as the availability of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

-Make sure you only rent from profiles that have been verified which means they’ve provided valid ID and linked other accounts to their profile such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. As far as we know, all vacation rentals in Zion listed online are verified. Watchman Villas most certainly is.

-Always read reviews for all vacation rentals in Zion or anywhere else.

-Honor your instincts. If something seems off or just not quite right, move on and look for another listing that interests you.

-Be aware of the insurance policy that the owner holds for their property. You can also purchase your own through HomeAway.

-Avoid messaging hosts through email or text. When communicating with hosts, stick to the messaging system inside the booking site. Everything is recorded this way.

-Read the fine print. Every once in a while but not often, when you book a vacation rental online you may be agreeing to a background check or something else that you didn’t realize you were agreeing to. Also, make sure to read the cancellation policy of vacation rentals in Zion carefully before booking.

How to Eliminate Vacation Rental Risks Before Booking

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