The Benefits of Traveling – Part 1

Jul 4, 2018 | Article


You’ve probably heard people talk about how travel is the best thing you can spend your money on because there are so many life benefits to traveling. So what are all of these so-called benefits? Well, for starters, the benefits of traveling are long-lasting. Positive psychological and physical changes take place (more on this later). After reading through all of the benefits listed here, you’ll understand why saying that you don’t have enough money or time shouldn’t not be an excuse for lack of travel. Cheap flights can be found with minimal effort and time can be made if you plan ahead with purpose. But we digress. Back to the benefits of travel. Here they are:

Health Benefits

There are numerous health benefits to traveling. Some of the most widely experienced and written about ones include a decreased risk of heart disease and a lowering (or elimination) of stress, anxiety, and/or depression. To maximize this particular benefit, be sure to add to your itinerary times that will require you to walk and be outside, preferably for extended periods of time to allow yourself to experience the beauty of the world and to interact with others. The psychological and physical health benefits of traveling are immense. Your mental well-being will be impacted in an extremely positive way as traveling will get you out of your comfort zone and into new places. Doctors frequently prescribe travel as a helpful cure for pretty much everything.

Benefits of Taking a Break from Daily Life

The rigors and repetition of regular life can be enormously taxing on our bodies and minds. We get caught up in the rat race of modern suburbia, constantly slouching in chairs staring at screens, perpetually being stuck in traffic, and never getting a moments rest from the parent life. The pressures of our everyday existence cannot be endured day in and day out without relief. Travel is that relief. Make it a priority to unplug often and take a trip somewhere. It doesn’t necessarily need to be half way across the world. Quality, meaningful vacations can be taken anywhere, even relatively near your home. People who take vacations often – even small ones – show an increased vigor for life in general as well as higher productivity in the workplace, stronger relationships with family and friends, and a better overall mental health. Traveling gives perspective, helps straighten priorities, and increases self-image.

Intelligence Benefits

The more places you visit, the smarter you’ll become. Traveling to foreign and unfamiliar places not only opens up your mind to the realities and beauty of the world but also provides opportunities to learn new words in different languages, brush up on history, and a whole lot more. Your brain capacities will expand as you experience different parts of the world. When you’re on vacation, you will have new experiences and create new memories, have unexpected challenges that will stretch your problem-solving muscles, and allow you practice and refine your social skills as you interact with locals and tourists away from home.

Cultural Benefits

Putting yourself into another culture unfamiliar to your own helps you become more tolerant and understanding. Imagine that the world was a book. If you never traveled anywhere, it would be like only reading one page of a book when there is so much more to learn and experience if you were to progress through the whole story. It’s been said that those who never take the time travel have generally the most biased perspectives. Sometimes the thought of making the effort to plan a trip, save money for it, etc, sounds daunting when you feel comfortable where you are. Break out of these ruts and make room for traveling because a seasoned knowledge of the world’s cultures is as valuable as any knowledge you could ever seek.

This article will continue with the travel post The Benefits of Traveling – Part 2.


The Benefits of Traveling – Part 1

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