The Benefits of Traveling – Part 2

Jul 12, 2018 | Article


This article is a continuation of the previous travel post The Benefits of Traveling – Part 1.

Personal Appeal Benefits

The more you travel, the more stories and experiences you will have which makes you a much more interesting person in general. This is isn’t to say that you aren’t interesting already, but a well-traveled person tends to often be the focal point of many conversations because they have so much to say, so much wisdom to impart, and have new and original perspectives on things due to their travel experiences. You’ll attract more attention.

Food Benefits

Many people travel as often as they do mainly because they enjoy tasting foods from different places around the world. Homemade meals certainly have their own unique appeal, but Mexican south of the border is a whole different ballgame compared to the Mexican food in the States, for example. And you haven’t truly eaten sushi until you’ve traveled to Japan and partaken of the real thing. Being cultured when it comes to food is not only extremely educational but incredibly fun.

Adventuring Benefits

The definition of the phrase “going on an adventure” means different things to different people. But from a travel perspective, an adventure is typically viewed as a thrilling and exciting experience had away from home, preferably somewhere new (to you). When you go on travel adventures, it revitalizes your mind and spirit. It opens you whole existence up to a heightened sense of awareness that stems from viewing cultures and customs different from your own. The world is a big place, a lot bigger than what exists in the confines of your hometown, and when you make it a point to see as much of it as you can, the spirit of adventure becomes more and more addicting. And remember that an adventure does not have to be far away from home base. Get out of the house, drive to a hike near by that you’ve never done, and have an adventure close to home. Having adventures on any scale on a regular basis does wonders for your appetite to experience new things.

Social Benefits

The phrase term social network used to mean something very different from its new, modern definition. A social network had nothing to with cyberspace, likes, and followers. It had to do with real people connecting in the real world. The more you travel and get yourself out there in the world, the more people you will meet. You’ll form relationships with would-be strangers that turn out to be friends and contacts when you visit that place again. When you use services like AirBnb and Couchsurfing, for example, you will become acquainted with fascinating people that you never would have met otherwise that very well could become great friends that you stay connected with. Also, getting out of your comfort zone and interacting with people who speak a different language than you is an exhilarating and highly beneficial experience on a social level. Your communication skills will become emboldened and refined.

Memory Benefits

There are few things in this world that create wonderful memories the way that travel does. Think of your fondest childhood memories. How many of them involve travel? Staying at a hotel, sleeping in a cabin, swimming and fishing on a lake, flying in a plane, going to our grandparents home. There is something about removing yourself from your familiar surroundings and temporarily relocating with those you care about the most. It brings people closer together and engrains positive experiences into your brain and heart. No memories are better than travel memories.

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The Benefits of Traveling – Part 2


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