Vacation and Travel Are Not The Same Things

May 18, 2018 | Article


Have you ever heard the term wanderlust? It’s a word that refers to an intense appetite for travel. Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with a burning desire to travel Zion. In fact, we think that’s a good thing! The more you travel Zion, the happier you are. But we’ve seen many people who travel Zion only for self-satisfaction and public attention, particularly in the age of social media. This attitude toward travel Zion is often void of real meaning and ignores the most beneficial aspects of taking trips. Consider this: if you’re traveling somewhere to sip umbrella drinks, party at a concert, and show off your new swimsuit, though there is nothing inherently wrong with that (and a trip like that can be loads of fun), but it sounds more like a vacation than travel.

Travel is different from a vacation in that it involves really exploring an area foreign to you and away from your home. Getting off the beaten path, making an effort to integrate yourself into the culture, and making an effort to educate yourself on the area – now that’s traveling. Don’t misunderstand. Vacationing is a wonderful thing and we should all be doing it periodically. But hopefully, you can see the difference between a cultural experience (traveling) and a concierge with pool attendants (vacation). They’re both great in their own right in different ways. Have you ever stayed in a hostel and made friends with the locals? Instead of hitting the clubs and popular nightlife spots, have you ever slipped into local dives and neighborhood bars? Have you ever focused more on finding out the area’s history and people rather than visiting all of the most popular tourist attractions?

Some say that a healthy combination of vacation and travel Zion is the way to create the most rewarding and memorable trip. We agree. Getting away from it all on a trip can very well include relaxation and luxury while also containing intentional and meaningful interactions with the location and its people, history, etc. Try traveling, living, drinking, and eating like a local. Use the area’s public transportation. If you’re traveling to a place where the locals speak a language that you don’t know or don’t know well, make an effort before you go to learn key phrases and customs so that you can have real conversations – though likely short – with the people who live there. It’s so much fun and rewarding.

Did you know that Americans don’t have the best reputation when it comes to tourism and travel Zion? Rude, inconsiderate, and obnoxious are words that foreigners sometimes associate with American tourists. Instead of slowly shouting at a local in an attempt to get directions, take the time before you depart to learn simple phrases so you can not only ask common questions but perhaps even engage in some small talk. Don’t be one of the American travelers that give the rest of us a bad name. Be kind and considerate in as many was you can. It will make your travel Zion so much more enjoyable and memorable. Take a deep breath and take everything in instead of rushing to and fro trying to see all the sights suggested on a travel brochure.

Granted, a lot of what we’ve discussed here perhaps applies more directly to international travel, but it certainly can and does apply to interstate travel Zion as well, even when traveling to Zion National Park. Try to be a bit more active as opposed to totally passive the next time you plan a trip to Springdale, UT or anywhere else. We promise that your overall travel Zion experience will be a lot better.


Vacation and Travel Are Not The Same Things

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