The 3 Best Southern Utah Tourist Destinations

Sep 25, 2017 | Article


The State of Utah is so packed full of tourist destinations that it’s almost not fair. Just in terms of the number of national and state parks alone, it’s near the top of the list. There are many other places that could easily and arguably be on this list, but here are what think are the three best tourist destinations in Southern Utah.

Zion National Park

Sure, we’re a little biased considering Watchman Villa’s location. But the truth is we wouldn’t expect many to disagree with our decision to place Zion on this list. Zion National Park is unarguably one of the best national parks in the Nation, and it’s right here in Utah. 4 million+ visitors per year don’t lie, that’s for sure. The number of iconic locations inside the Park alone can make a long list. Known for towering cliffs of red rock, memorable river hikes, classic hikes, unforgettable natural scenery, and an endless supply of outdoor activities – not to mention the town of Springdale is one of the best-kept secrets in tourism – puts Zion right at the top of this list.

Arches National Park

Even though Zion may be Utah’s most visited spot as far as destination locations go, Delicate Arch found inside Arches National Park is perhaps the State’s most iconic image, and for good reason. There are more the 2,000 natural arches here, not to mention endless hiking (such as the famous Fiery and Furnace and Devil’s Garden) in addition to many other possible activities to choose from. The fantastic city of Moab is also only short drive from Arches. With their powers combined, it’s hard to beat this area in terms of itinerary options and beauty.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Less than 50 miles north of Zion lies the surprisingly otherworldly rock formations of Bryce Canyon. The bowl-shaped canyon is dotted with hundreds upon hundreds of hoodoos – vertical rock formations formed over thousands of years from the effects of erosion and temperature change. This is one of the most camera-friendly places you’ll ever go., especially during the winter months. Bryce Canyon covered in snow is…well…you just have to see it and you’ll understand. Because the elevation level is close to 9,000 feet, the opportunities from incredible views are many. And the hikes through Bryce are really something else. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported a different planet as you’re trekking through Queen’s Garden Trail and Fairyland Loop Trail.

Another great thing about all three of these places is that they can all be visited year-round with the same positive results. There are few places on Earth that have so much astounding natural beauty in a relatively small geographical area as does Utah. It truly is an amazing place to live and visit.


3 Best Southern Utah Tourist Destinations

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