The Time of Your Life in Southern Utah

Oct 8, 2018 | Article


If you’re adventurous and love outdoor beauty, visiting Southern Utah will be unforgettable. But, if you’re not prepared, your trip can turn into a nightmare. This article presents tips for how to prepare for the time of your life in Southern Utah.  But first, let’s give a taste of what is awaiting you.

Utah, a pretty, great place!

The old, Utah license plate came close to capturing Utah for visitors: Utah, a pretty, great place!  Well, it’s more than pretty; it’s spectacular. Great? That word can mean many things to many people.  In this case, great could be described as big, grand, fantastic, excellent, very good, etc. Utah holds all of these adjectives. There is not a state in the union with more geologic and topographic diversity.  Ski mountains, colorful deserts, majestic canyons, magnificent national parks, hunting, fishing, camping, boating, mountain biking, all beckon you within a few hours of anywhere in Utah.  Dry, hot summers and cold, snowy winters are included at no extra charge.

National Parks

If you get the chance to visit Southern and Eastern Utah, you’ll find national parks unlike any other.  Natural sculptures of orange sandstone (hoodoos) stand at Bryce Canyon National park like soldiers keeping watch by night . . . and day.  The canyons and hikes at Zion National Park make it the third most visited in the USA. Arches National Park is decorated with naturally-occurring stone arches, which frame colorful vistas that are once in a lifetime to see.  Canyonlands National Park boasts deep canyons, towering mesas, cliffs, and spires across over 500 square miles. They were formed by the currents of the Colorado and Green rivers. Capitol Reef stretches out with broad, sweeping vistas of twisted, expansive landscape.  You may feel as if on Mars because it looks like another planet unto itself.

Water and Hiking Shoes

Now, for how to prepare for the time of your life in Southern Utah.  Water and good hiking shoes top the list. Most of the parks have water available, at least in the Visitors Centers; but Canyonlands can leave you high and dry.  So, take plenty of water, and ask the Visitors Centers about water access during your adventures. Good hiking shoes or boots are a must. If you’re venturing into the water, non-slip souls are important, and synthetic uppers dry much faster than leather.  Plastic bags can keep your phone and other personal items dry.

Hiking Tips

Be mentally and physically prepared for the challenges of moderate to high elevation hiking.  If you’re from sea level, use a day to acclimate to the thinner air by taking short hikes. Take snacks, like fruit, and trail mix, with some Gatorade and water.  Many regions of the parks have very little shade, so preparing for the time of your life in Southern Utah includes having hats and sunscreen with you. Conversations at the Visitors Centers can save you a lot of trouble.  For example, if you are afraid of heights, ask about the steepest, highest, scariest hikes, and avoid them. Consider the fitness level of the party you’re with, and tackle suitable hikes, accordingly.

Choose your hiking companions wisely.  Peer pressure is a part of life in the parks, too.  You don’t want to be coerced into a hike that is going to make you miserable, or worse.  You may want to divide and conquer, put the athletes with the athletes, and regulars with regulars, etc.  Talk it over well before the hike, so you don’t end up regretting whom you’re with.

Our last tip for how to prepare for the time of your life in Southern Utah is to consider the crowds of people during busy times.  To avoid crowds, go at sunrise or near sunset. You’ll find gorgeous views of light reflections and fewer tourists to contend with.  If you’re a photographer, you can capture the first-class image at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park at sunrise. It’s a short hike and normally not crowded.  Also, Rim Trail of Bryce Canyon is accessible at sunrise and features the hoodoos glistening with the light changes.



The Time of Your Life in Southern Utah

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