Things To Do On Your Vacation To Springdale

Dec 26, 2018 | Article


Springdale, Utah is conveniently located between two of the most popular national parks in America—Bryce, and Zion.  The charming town of Springdale sits at the entrance to Zion, and Bryce is only a 90-minute drive away. About four million visitors flock to these national parks each year to experience their magnificent beauty, beautiful hiking trails, and other-worldly rock formations.  This article presents some of the people’s favorite things to do on your Springdale vacation.

Springdale Hotels

Thanks to federal funding since the 1920s, access to Springdale is easy along the highways of Southern Utah; and modern conveniences and services have long been installed and updated to meet the demands of tourism.  Springdale’s hotels have complimentary wifi, air conditioning, business centers, pools, lounges, outdoor cooking, spa tubs, classy rooms, and spectacular views from the balconies. The Watchman Villas are first-class rentals, adding luxury to convenience and independence for family or friends.

Springdale Gift Shops

Your Springdale vacation should include visits to the variety of delightful gift shops, stocked with both local craftsmanship and imported pieces of beauty.  Take some time to browse and appreciate the one-of-a-kind art, Navajo-made jewelry, striking sculptures, stunning photographs, and imported glass and metal artifacts.

Springdale Restaurants

Along Springdale’s main street are plenty of tasty eateries, from fine cuisine to bistros, to gourmet coffee shops, to Mexican, Italian, and American restaurants.  Many recipes are famous traditions from the locals, and some have been added by trained chefs from around the country. Your palate will be “Mmm, good,” on your Springdale vacation if you eat in town.

Zion National Park

The finer hotels in Springdale have shuttles that take you to Zion’s entrance and back to the hotel all day long.  Once at the Park’s entrance, enter the Visitors Center to read about Zion’s social history, geology, and special features.  You can ask the tour guides and rangers about the hikes—which are mild, moderate, and strenuous. Plan your hikes according to the least athletic in your group, or split up into groups of fit and not so fit.  Some hikes are one mile and easy for most anyone; others are treacherous and five miles round trip for the brave and tough. For the daring and strong, Angel’s Landing, a five-mile round trip, is world-famous for its climactic narrow ridge  Fortunately, chains are affixed to the cliff wall to prevent deadly falls to becoming human food for vultures down below. The view from Angel’s Landing is, well, angelic.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

After spending a day or two exulting in the wonders of Zion, you may want to hit the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, about 40 minutes north of Zion.  It is built for activities for families and willing adults. Zion Ponderosa Ranch offers Jeep tours, zip line, swimming, paintballing, rappelling, shotgun range, horseback riding, good food, and much more. You can stay in the Cowboy cabins or park your RV in the campgrounds.

Bryce National Park

Bryce Canyon is not far and is A must-see part of most tourists’ Springdale vacation, especially if you’ve traveled from afar.  If you have time, don’t miss it. It’s like landing on another planet.  Along the highway, you can stop at view spots and see the grandeur of what nature/God has made.  This author’s favorite sights at Bryce are the hoodoos. Hoodoos are vertical statues of red sandstone, sculpted over the years by wind and water, standing like guards of sacred ground.  They give a strange serenity to the valleys and scenery of Bryce. You can hike down on a few of the trails to get up close and personal with the “aliens.” See Queen Victoria’s Garden, so named because of an intriguing rock formation that resembles the face of Queen Victoria.

So, your Springdale vacation doesn’t have to include all of the above, but now you know of some of the best things to do and can plan your adventure.


Things To Do On Your Vacation To Springdale

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