The Ultimate Guide to How to Visit Zion

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Zion is one of the most popular national parks in the country. In fact, it was the second most-visited national park in the country in 2021. It’s one of a small handful of national parks that have welcomed more than 5 million visitors in a single year. But its location in Southern Utah, several hours’ drive from major international airports, leaves many visitors wondering how to visit Zion.

While it can feel as though you’re in the middle of nowhere when you’re standing on the edge of the cliff at the peak of Angels Landing, it’s actually easier to get to the park than you might think. There are several airports, including two major international airports, located within just a few hours’ drive from the park. From there, you’ll have several options to choose from to get to your Springdale Utah vacation rentals at Watchman Villas.

Ready to start planning your visit? Keep reading for the ultimate guide to how to visit Zion.

Getting to Zion

Zion National Park is located in Southern Utah, just outside the town of Springdale, and around 45 minutes from the city of St. George, Utah. It’s located several hour’s drive from the next major city with an international airport. For this reason, many first-time visitors have a lot of questions when trying to figure out how to get to Zion. Luckily, you have several options to choose from.

St. George Regional Airport

The closest airport to Zion is St. George Regional Airport. While this is a small regional airport, it does offer daily flights and has rental cars available on-site. Several major airlines, including Delta, Allegiant Airlines, American Airlines, and United fly into St. George from other Western hubs, like Salt Lake City and Denver.

If you want to minimize your time on the road and make the most of your vacation time, flying into St. George is the answer. You can fly from your nearest airport to a hub, then transfer to St. George. After your arrival, you’ll have a 45 minute drive to the park. Transfer services are available, or you can rent a car and drive to your Springdale Utah vacation rentals.

Flights into St. George are often higher priced than those you’ll find in major international airports in the area, and you’ll be more limited on when you can fly. To save money and have more flexibility over their arrival time, most guests choose to fly into one of two major airports.

Harry Reid International Airport

The closest is Harry Reid International Airport, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Most major airlines fly into this airport directly from cities across the country. Flights are plentiful, so you’ll have more options about when you’ll arrive. After your arrival, you can rent a car or use a transfer service to take the 2.5 hour drive to Zion National Park.

Salt Lake City International Airport

The other option is Salt Lake City International Airport. Like Las Vegas, there are hundreds of daily flights into this airport from across the country and around the world. You will have a longer drive to Zion from here; it takes about 4.5 hours by car or transfer bus. But it can be a great option if you don’t mind the drive and have more flight options in Salt Lake City than in Las Vegas from your home airport.

Getting to and From the Airport

No matter which airport you choose to fly into, you have a few options for getting from the airport to your Zion lodging. 

St. George Regional Airport has rental desks for two major car rental companies located onsite; Avis and Enterprise. There are also several shuttle companies that offer transfers between the airport and the park. The St. George Shuttle is one of the most popular. There are 5 daily trips between St. George and Zion. 

Most major U.S. rental car companies have on-site rental desks at both Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City International Airport. However, if you prefer not to drive on your own, shuttle services are available from both cities to St. George or straight to Springdale and Zion. The St. George Shuttle offers 5 daily trips to Salt Lake City, and 13 daily transfers between Las Vegas and Zion.

Learning How to Visit Zion 

Figuring out how to visit Zion doesn’t have to be complicated. With 3 airports to choose from and a number of options for transferring between the airport and your Zion lodging, it’s easy to customize your arrival. Choose the option that’s the fastest or most convenient for your family, so that you can get started enjoying your Zion vacation as fast as possible!

Now that you know how to visit Zion, it’s time to start planning your next trip. After you decide how to get to Southern Utah, it’s time to choose the perfect Springdale Utah vacation rentals. 

If you’re thinking about skipping the rental car during your stay or don’t want to spend time sitting in traffic, Watchman Villas’ location, just steps away from a shuttle stop and a short walk to the entrance to the park, is a great choice.

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