The Holiday Gifts Your Outdoor-Loving Friends Actually Want This Year

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Thanksgiving is almost here. And following fast on its heels is Black Friday, when millions of Americans will brave crowds and overflowing stores in search of the perfect Christmas gifts.

But what if we told you that the gifts your outdoor-loving friends and family want can’t be found in your local box store?

Keep reading to learn how you can give gifts that are certain to be a hit this holiday without setting foot in a single store.

A Weekend Getaway

Who doesn’t want a little more vacation in their lives? While booking an entire trip might be a bit too much for a holiday gift, a weekend getaway is a bit more in reach. For close friends and family, even booking just the hotel or vacation rental for their stay will be a welcome way to help them take a cheap weekend trip to somewhere new, or perhaps to somewhere that’s near and dear to their hearts.

To avoid the awkwardness of your friend showing up at their hotel excited about their getaway only to discover that the place is dirty, run-down, or drab, do your research. After all, where they stay will be a huge part of their vacation. Without a comfortable night’s rest, they won’t have the energy to enjoy each other’s company or go on that big adventure they have planned. But when you’re shopping on a budget, luxurious accommodations might seem out of reach.

Luckily, holiday deals aren’t just found in the Thanksgiving Day newspaper. With Watchman Villa’s winter promo, you can get 50 percent off of a winter stay when you book 2 nights or more through the website. 

Take advantage of time off from work and school to gift your loved ones with a quick getaway to Zion National Park. Better yet, why not treat yourself to a relaxing trip to help de-stress around the busy holiday season? 

The Gift of Quality Family Time

The holidays are all about spending time with family. But in the race to open gifts, eat plenty of good food, and visit with extended family, quality time with your spouse, kids, or parents can get pushed to the side.

Giving the gift of quality family time is a great way to help your friends or your own family reconnect after a busy season. It’s also incredibly easy to do. All you have to do is choose an activity that you know the family will enjoy together.

You can start by shopping locally. Look for paint-your-own-pottery studios, classes, tours, or other group activities. Anything that allows the family to come together, talk, and have a good time is a great choice. Even live shows or a special dinner experience will work if you think that the family or couple might enjoy that more. If you can, pick something you know that they’ve never done before. An activity that is new and exciting will help them form memories that they are sure to treasure long after the holidays are over.

If you know that your friends or loved ones are taking a vacation in the future, you could also choose an activity that they can enjoy during that trip. Near Zion, you’ll find Jeep tours, off-road adventures, helicopter rides, and more.

How to Choose the Right “Experience” Gifts

Finding the right “experience” gifts is a bit trickier than just heading to your local department store. Not only will you need to get creative with your shopping, but you’ll also need to think carefully about what kind of gift to give.

To buy an experience that your recipient will love, you’ll want to think about what they enjoy doing, as well as what they don’t like. For instance, a helicopter tour is a poor choice for your friend who is afraid of heights. And if you don’t know when your recipient will have time off for a getaway, a hotel stay booked for specific dates may wind up going unused.

Before you buy, do a bit of research. If you’re shopping for a friend or more distant relative, you might consider talking with someone close to them about what they like or when they might be available. Otherwise, booking an open-ended ticket or a mild activity like an art class or show might be a better choice.

Giving Gifts Your Friends and Loved Ones Want to Receive

This holiday, skip the box store rush and relax with your loved ones on Black Friday. Or better yet, opt outside and head to your favorite state or national park!

Then, take to the web and find the gifts that your friends and family actually want to receive. With a little research, you can give a gift that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

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