The Attractions of Springdale, Utah

Sep 17, 2018 | Article


If you haven’t taken the opportunity to visit Springdale and Zion National Park in Southern Utah, you should.  Why?  Because of the climate, the hikes, the restaurants, the hotels, and the gift shops, a trip to Springdale is very inviting.  This article presents some attractions of Springdale, Utah, which make it worthy of your bucket list.


There’s no place quite like it.  Zion National Park is one of the attractions of Springdale, Utah.  It’s the third most visited national park in America, and Springdale sits at the park’s entrance.  Zion is replete with sites and trails to warm the heart and bring some fatigue, too.  A leisurely walk to the Emerald Pools is short and family friendly, but the adventure to Angel’s Landing is, well, not so family friendly.  It’s known as one of the country’s most dangerous hikes.  Toward its climax, you’ll carefully walk along a narrow ridge, holding onto chains to keep you from falling to, well, anything but an angel’s landing.

Springdale and Zion didn’t appear on many social maps until the 1920s after roads were improved, allowing access.  When electricity and telephone lines were erected, the visitors came.  Like in Field of Dreams, they built it, and the people did come.  Now millions of tourists tour the park each year, and Springdale has enough to satisfy and coddle them.


Charming, beautiful, and comfortable, Springdale offers delicious restaurants, delightful gift shops, and classy hotels that will feel like you’re in heaven.  From Mexican food to gourmet coffee shops, Springdale has something for everybody.  Some of the eateries feature recipes from local residents and Mormon Pioneers; others offer dishes brought in by the more sophisticated.  They’re all good and add to the attractions of Springdale, Utah.


Hotels like Cliffrose and Watchman are very nice and set amid the majestic surroundings.  Ask for a room with a view, and it’s easy to provide.  Stand on your balcony and take in the red rock canyons painted with the colorful flora of Zion.  “Spectacular” is the word.

Gift Shops

The attractions of Springdale include its gift shops.  They exemplify both the traditional crafts of locals and some incredible modern work from transplants as well.  Sculptures, paintings, jewelry, Navajo originals, soaps, clothing, one-of-a-kind woodwork, rare photography, you name it.


The climate of Springdale earns high marks on the internet’s raters of best places.  Less than half the rain of the average US city makes for few days of mud, so good hiking, and fewer umbrellas.  Springdale sees on average five inches of snow each year, so just enough to please the people who miss Michigan, but not enough to be a problem.  The sun shines for 252 days per year, whereas the national average is 205.  One hundred degrees Fahrenheit is common in summer, and nights in January can occasionally drop below 32 to freeze your dog’s water.  But winter days are mild and comfortable.  On the comfort index, where 100 is perfect 70 degrees all year, the national average is 54.  Springdale scores 80, similar to many parts of California and Oregon.  What helps Springdale’s comfort index is the low humidity.

So, the attractions of Springdale, Utah are Zion National Park, great restaurants and gift shops, nice hotels, and a welcoming climate.



The Attractions of Springdale, Utah

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