Springdale in the Fall: The Best Time to Visit

Oct 27, 2017 | Article


If you’ve never been to Springdale Utah during the Fall, you need to pull out your calendar right now, choose a two to three-day span sometime in the next 2 months, and write in “trip to Springdale Utah”. As most everyone knows, Springdale is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. But in the Fall, it’s something else entirely. Let us explain.

Fall Colors

The combination of the multicolored cliffs of Zion National Park and the lush vegetation native to the area already creates a wonderland of eye candy. But when Fall hits and the trees change colors, it’s a photographer’s most glorious dream ever. You simply won’t believe your eyes. It’s like you stepped into a lifelike painting and everything around has somehow been manufactured because it’s that beautiful. In addition to all of this, Springdale Utah’s position is so perfectly placed by Mother Nature as to allow for a practically perfect view 360 degrees around you no matter where your stand. When you stand outside on the patio or balcony of your room at Watchman Villas, it’s a 100% guarantee that you’re going to see something incredible. How about that?

Amazing Weather

During the Fall months, the stifling heat of Summer has come and gone allowing Zion National Park tourists to experience all the Park has to offer in about the most comfortable weather you can imagine: not too hot, not too cold – just right. There are some hikes in the Park that, during the Summer, are just too hot to traverse fully. That is not the case during the Fall. An adventure tour (UTV, Jeep, helicopter, horseback) midday in October in Zion Canyon is about as memorable an excursion as you’ll ever undertake.

Lower Tourist Count

During Fall and Winter, the number of visitors staying in Springdale Utah and visiting Zion goes down considerably. When you come during this time, it’s like going to Disneyland on an off-season weekday where you can walk right on to every ride as often as you’d like. No waiting in line, no “No Vacancy” signs, no dinner reservations needed, and no crowded shuttles (the shuttles stop running the Saturday after Thanksgiving). All of this means more peace, more quiet, and more solitude. Looking for a romantic getaway in paradise? Springdale in the Fall is the place.

Come to Springdale Utah in the Fall. Destination locations never looked this good.


Springdale in the Fall: The Best Time to Visit

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