Things to Find Out Before Booking a Vacation Rental

Mar 23, 2018 | Article


If you ask us, vacation rentals are nearly always the best lodging option when traveling for nearly reason. There are so many places to stay near Zion National Park, many of them vacation rentals, but none better than Watchman Villas. We stand by that statement. Watchman brings together the best things about vacation rentals and the best things about hotels creating a unique and superior lodging experience. Not every vacation rental is like Watchman Villas, mind you. Many of them are simply a home that the owner rents out rather than an establishment built specifically for tourist lodging. So, for all of you who tend to go the vacation rental route instead of the traditional hotel route when traveling, here are some questions that you should find the answers to before clicking the book button regardless of what country or city you’ll be staying in.

Do I need a personal vehicle?

Depending on the location of the vacation rental as well as your personal plans, you may or may not need a car. Contact the owner of the place and have a conversation with them about your plans so that they can give you advice on whether or not you’ll need a personal vehicle.

How much is parking?

Some vacation rentals, even some places to stay in Zion National Park, have restrictions when it comes to parking. Some allow street parking, others don’t. You don’t want to get to your place and be surprised that you have to park a long ways away.

Where do I shop?

You’ll want to know where to buy food and supplies, particularity if you’re planning on making your own meals. If it’s far away, you may want to make one big grocery store run. If it’s close, then you’ll be able to go many times without any trouble. And in some cases, no grocery may be available at all. Note: all the places to stay near Zion National Park have relatively easy access to Sol Foods, Springdale’s supermarket.

How’s the noise?

You’ll want to find out if the neighborhood is noisy or if the unit your interested in is attached to other units. This can alter your choice depending on the situation.

Is there someone on hand who can fix things?

Luckily, you will not need to worry about this at Watchman. We can send someone over to fix things that break in a jiffy. Other places to stay near Zion National Park and other locations may not. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where the place suddenly has plumbing, electrical, or water issues and have to fix it yourself unless you don’t mind.

Is there anything in the place that is off limits?

Sometimes owners keep personal belongings inside the rental, on the back porch, in the garage, etc, which are not meant to be touched or used. Other vacation rental owners, on the other hand, include sporting equipment, bikes, board games, and other items that you can use. Make sure to find out what’s off limits and what’s not beforehand, even when booking places to stay near Zion National Park.

Are there things that the cleaning fee doesn’t cover?

It is standard for owners of vacation rentals and places to stay near Zion National Park to charge a cleaning fee as part of your booking price. It’s a good idea to find out what exactly that covers and what it doesn’t. The owner may still expect you to do the dishes, for example, or put all used linens in a particular hamper. You’ll want to make sure to follow all the rules the owner has set.

How do you access the Wi-Fi?

Spending an hour or more figuring how to log in is not how you want to spend your time when you first arrive. It is unlikely that you’ll have any problems in this area when booking places to stay near Zion National Park, but it’s still a good question to ask beforehand.


Things to Find Out Before Booking a Vacation Rental

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