National Parks Can Rescue Kids From Dangerous Habits

Mar 19, 2019 | Article


The crisis of keeping kids “off the streets” is unending.  Parents suffer through sleepless nights of worries and regrets over what they did wrong or how they can rescue the wayward or terribly struggling child.  Drugs, gangs, and other addictions are realities, whether in big cities, smaller towns, or suburbs. This article will elaborate on how national parks can rescue your kids, and lead them to a brighter and better future.

Countless youth groups and ventures have admirably changed lives:  Boy Scouts of America, Brownies, Boys and Girls Clubs, Churches, you name it.  We’re thankful for them. But outside the membership commitments and lack of positive peer pressure to join, what can parents do to enhance self-esteem and repair broken self-images in their brood?  This article proposes that experiencing the grandeur of our national parks can instill humility, gratitude, respect, solace, and sense of accomplishment in our stressed-out young people.  Experiences like these decrease the likelihood of kids’ acting out in negative ways.

National Parks Can Break The Deadly Cycle

Work, eat, watch TV, sleep.  For millions, this is their day.  Sure, it could be much worse. But, the point is that too many parents don’t devote time for one-on-one interaction with their children.  It’s no wonder that kids feel disconnected from their parents and live in quiet desperation to feel needed and appreciated. Of course, they turn to gangs or drugs to feel a sense of belonging and importance.

In an episode of Seinfeld, George lamented that his life was terrible.  He decided that because his past choices were so wrong, he must start doing the opposite of his normal inclinations.  Opposing his customary behaviors, he saw a remarkable improvement in his life. If you decide to take a vacation to any of America’s national parks for George’s reason only, so be it.  Whatever it takes to make it happen can create memories to last a lifetime and change the heart and mind of a child.

Activities For Kids

  1. Be an amateur photographer.  Yosemite National Park offers a free hands-on workshop on photography.  Kids learn how to take good pics and see the majestic scenery with different eyes and perspectives.
  2. Many national parks can have amazing stargazing programs to highlight constellations not visible near cities.  Utah parks, such as Zion and Capitol Reef, are especially good for seeing faraway planets with telescopes and learning the constellations in the dark night sky.
  3. Become a Junior Smokejumper.  Near Yellowstone National Park you can check out equipment and learn what it takes to fight wildfires.
  4. Bryce Canyon and Rocky Mountain Park feature hikes, guided by rangers, under moonlit skies.  It’s gorgeous, and you might spy some nocturnal wildlife.
  5. Ride horseback through wilderness trails in Glacier National Park.
  6. One of the coolest things for your kids is to complete a Junior Ranger program.  Most national parks have one.  The Junior Rangers learn what real Rangers do, fill out a fun nature workbook, and go on educational hikes with the Rangers.  On graduation, the kids take the Ranger Oath and receive their own badges.
  7. Ride a mule up and down the Grand Canyon.  Talk about unforgettable! Plan a year ahead because this adventure fills up fast.
  8. Take a train ride through Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and bicycle back, or vice versa.
  9. Track an animal.  Learn how to spot signs of wildlife, such as footprints, scat, broken twigs, fur on trees, and other clues.

There are many beneficial reasons to visit America’s gorgeous national parks, but doing it for your kid’s well-being is one of the best.

National Parks Can Rescue Kids From Dangerous Habits

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