Make the Most of Your Stay in Zion Rentals on Busy Days

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In 2021, Zion National Park welcomed more than 5 million guests—the highest annual visitor count yet, bumping Zion up a spot on the list of the most-visited national parks to second place. If you’ve ever had a chance to stay in Zion rentals like Watchman Villas, you likely already know why so many people are drawn to visit this incredible park.

But the popularity of the park can also make visiting on busy days a challenge. Lines often form at shuttle bus stops. You may have to wait your turn to hike popular trails. Getting a permit to hike Angels Landing is more difficult. Even finding parking in Springdale to get into the park can feel impossible.

Planning an off-season visit to Southern Utah can help you avoid the crowds. However, this isn’t always an option. Does this mean that you shouldn’t plan a visit to Zion if the only time you can visit is during a busy week or weekend? Definitely not! With a little smart planning, you can enjoy a full, fun vacation in the best Zion rentals any time of year. Keep reading to learn more.

Opt for Zion Rentals Close to the Park

One of the best tips you can follow to make the most of your time in Zion on a busy day is to choose Zion National Park hotels located close to the entrance to the park or to a stop on the Springdale shuttle loop. Staying in Zion rentals like Watchman Villas makes it easier to get to the park each day, without wasting time driving around Springdale looking for a place to park.

At Watchman Villas, you can roll out of bed, walk out of your private villa, and stroll straight to a stop on the Springdale Shuttle loop. From there, you’ll ride the bus to the entrance to the park, where you can pay your entrance fee and either walk into the park or hop on the Zion Canyon Shuttle line to ride to popular trailheads and overlooks.

Take on a Lesser-Known Trail

Some of Zion’s most iconic trails are known to get long lines of hikers on busy days. This became such a problem at Angels Landing, where hikers were waiting several hours for their turn to hike, that the National Park Service implemented a new permit and lottery system for the trail.

Angels Landing is the only trail in the park that requires hikers to enter a lottery for a chance to hike it. But this doesn’t mean that other popular trails won’t see big crowds on busy days. You can still enjoy the amazing views, even when the trails are busy. But if you want to enjoy a less crowded hike, consider heading to some lesser-known trails.

For instance, if you don’t get a permit to hike Angels Landing, consider hiking Watchman Trail or Hidden Canyon Trail instead.

Be Open to Going With the Flow

Another simple tip that can have a big impact on your trip is staying open to changing your plans during your trip. Going with the flow will allow you to adjust your plans throughout the day to make the most of your time.

Arrive at a trail and find a long line? Head to another trail instead. Find yourself waiting in line for the ZIon Canyon Shuttle to head to the next stop? Consider taking a nice walk in the canyon to get there instead.

Booking Your Stay at the Best Zion Rentals

Don’t let a busy day in Zion ruin your visit to this iconic national park. Instead, put these tips to work to enjoy a fun and fulfilling visit any time of year. From booking the best Zion rentals, Watchman Villas, where you can enjoy easy access to the park, to hiking lesser-known trails and being open to changing plans, these tips can help you enjoy your visit, no matter how heavy the crowds.

Ready to start planning your next visit to Zion National Park? First, you need to choose the right Zion rentals. 

Watchman Villas is not only located just steps away from a shuttle stop, but also offers spacious private villas perfect for couples, families, solo travelers, remote workers, and more. You’ll enjoy fully stocked kitchens and dining areas perfect for whipping up a quick breakfast or packing some trail lunches. Relax in the living room and take in a movie with the family after a day in the park. Or, head outside to your private patio or balcony to do a little stargazing.

Book your stay at Watchman Villas today to see for yourself what sets us apart from other Zion National Park hotels.

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