Effective Ways to Find the Right Vacation Rental – Part 2

Mar 14, 2018 | Article


This article is a continuation of our previous piece about booking luxury vacation rentals: Effective Ways to Find the Right Vacation Rental – Part 1.

Another great option to help you find the right vacation homes or luxury vacation rentals is Expedia.com. When you visit their homepage, locate the button that allows you to specify your search not as “hotels” but as “vacation rentals”. Also remember that Expedia owns Travelocity, Orbitz, and HomeAway. Because of this, hyperlinks from those other sites are located throughout the listings near the top of many pages on Expedia. In fact, Hotels.com is also an Expedia property, though there are no hyperlinks throughout the site as there are with the other three previously mentioned. So once you filter your search to show only vacation rentals, results will be pooled from many different Expedia-affiliated sites so that you can have the best possible chance at seeing all of the luxury vacation rentals that are available according to your search parameters.

Moving on from Expedia.com, let’s talk about Booking.com. This site also allows you to specify certain specifications and accommodations by filtering your search to find luxury vacation rentals. Booking.com is actually owned by Priceline, in case you wondering. Priceline is currently in the process of substantially increasing the number of properties (including luxury vacation rentals) that can be listed on their sites with the intention of becoming as large and comprehensive as Expedia. One great site that Booking.com pulls results from is another site called RedAwning.com. Check that site out as well sometime.

TripAdvisor.com, as you may know, is not just a travel review site (even though it truly is the best and most trusted place on the net to post and read hotel reviews). Don’t forget that site visitors can book and reserve there as well, right from links that are located on the review that you happen to be reading at that moment. Hotels, luxury vacation rentals, resorts, houses, cottages, cabins, villas, condos, tiny houses, and pretty much any type of hospitality accommodation can be booked on TripAdvisor. Over 800,000 listings in over 200 countries are available to view and can be sorted and filtered to show any specific iteration of exactly what you’re looking for, luxury vacation rentals or not. If you’re truly interested specifically in vacation homes and rentals, there is a blog on TripAdvisor that is dedicated to them. Go there and you can read tons of articles and view tons videos to help you make your decision on which one you want to book. There you can find niche information such as recommendations on luxury vacation rentals and other properties that have special home theater setups, custom gaming rooms, particularly spacious and luxurious bathrooms, high-volume car garages, and many other particulars that will make your stay even better.

Remember that no matter what method or site you end up using to book your luxury vacation rentals, it is vitally important that you pay close attention to the cancellation policies and possible deposit information. Often these bits of info are in fine print and easy to miss. It’s usually worth it to pay a little bit more for a better cancellation policy, just for the piece of mind that if something happened last minute, you could cancel without any serious repercussions – or no repercussions at all. There are bookings out there that even require background screening. In the U.S. that’s much rarer than booking a room overseas, but we bring it up reiterate how important it is to read the fine print before clicking book.

Hopefully, all of this information was helpful! Remember to choose Watchman Villas, Springdale’s luxury vacation rentals, for your next trip to Zion National Park.


Effective Ways to Find the Right Vacation Rental – Part 2

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