How Vacation Villas Are Like School Bullies

Apr 1, 2019 | Article


Oddly enough, vacation villas are much like school bullies.  But, first, we have to separate the bullies into two types, which coincide with two distinct types of vacation rentals.

Type 1 School Bullies

This type of school bully is totally focused on him or herself.  They are short-tempered because they like to be short-tempered. You ask them a question, and they give a grumpy, short answer if anything at all.  They’re bored, so they get a rush from taking a kid’s lunch money. Once they find someone to bully, they pester the person mentally or physically all day, whenever possible.  They find it funny to harm animals, especially cats.

Type 1 Vacation Villas

This type of vacation villas is so enamored with its business that it forgets guest satisfaction and customer service.  They are aloof because they like to be aloof. You ask them a question, and they act as if you’re bothering them, and that they are doing you a favor just by being behind that front desk.  They’re tired of “annoying guests” so they watch HBO all day. Once you’re there, they bug you frequently about your credit card and what time you’ll be leaving. When a blind person comes with a service dog, they send them away, citing the “No Pets” policy.

Type 2 School Bullies

This type of school bully wants friends, but doesn’t know how to get them.  They’re mean sometimes because they have been mistreated at home, so that’s all they know.  When you ask them a question, they’re surprised, but try their best to answer. Once you show them some respect and friendship, they begin to trust you and defend you.  They’ve got your back. And when they see a dog in a hot car, they either roll the windows down or quickly find the owner of the car. They invite you to their house after school to show you their miniature car collection.  When you arrive, there are cookies waiting for you. This bully becomes your lifelong friend.

Type 2 Vacation Villas

Type 2 vacation villas love it when guests arrive.  They roll out the “red carpet.”  They want to build relationships that last, so the guests will come back again and again.  They respectfully post the No Smoking sign to protect everybody. When you ask a question, they bend over backward to get the right answer.  They treat you like a king, and they are happy that you chose their villas over the others. Their amenities are convenient, classy, and facilitative.  You feel like a VIP. They take the time to explain the features of the property, like the swimming pool, wireless internet, computers; they recommend nearby restaurants, gift shops, and other cool places; they thoroughly answer any questions about the kitchen appliances, satellite TV, etc.  These vacation villas become a repeated destination for many years.


How Vacation Villas Are Like School Bullies

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