How to Hike Angels Landing in 2024

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When it comes to iconic Utah hiking trails, few can compare to the popularity of Angels Landing. Located in Zion, this famous trail is known for its stunning views, challenging obstacles, and the dangerous section of the trail that crosses a narrow, rocky ridgeline. If you’re an experienced hiker, you may be dreaming of hiking this trail during your stay in our Zion National Park vacation rentals. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as deciding to hike it and hitting the trail.

For the past several years, the National Park Service has been working to manage crowding on this popular trail. This has led to the start of a permit system to hike Angels Landing, as well as a lottery system to obtain permits. This makes hiking the trail a little more difficult. But if you understand the process and plan in advance, you can increase your chances of getting a permit during your stay at Watchman Villas. Keep reading to learn what you need to know to hike Angels Landing in 2024.

The Angels Landing Permit Program

The Angels Landing Pilot Permit Program was launched in 2022. In 2020 and 2021, lines began to form at the Angels Landing trailhead during holidays and weekends in the summer. This not only threatened the natural landscape but also put hikers at risk, as many stood in the sun for hours without access to water refill stations waiting for their turn to hike.

With so many people picturing hiking Angels Landing when they picture their perfect Utah vacation ideas, the National Park Service decided to take action. They began requiring permits for anyone looking to hike past Scout Lookout. Because the permits are widely popular, they also implemented a lottery program for those hoping to get a permit.

If you’re dreaming of taking on this iconic Utah hiking trail in 2024, you’ll have two opportunities to do so. The first is a Seasonal Lottery. As the name suggests, this lottery opens four times a year, and awards permits for the following season. The second is the Day-before Lottery. This lottery opens daily, and provides permits for the following day.

Angels Landing 2024 Seasonal Lottery Dates

Those wanting to enjoy this Utah hiking icon in 2024 have three more chances to enter the Seasonal Lottery this year. The first Seasonal Lottery, which awarded permits from March 1 to May 31, opened and closed in January 2024. The remaining four Seasonal Lotteries are as follows:

  • For hikes between June 1 and August 31, the Seasonal Lottery will be open from April 1 to April 20.
  • For hikes between September 1 and November 30, the Seasonal Lottery will be open from July 1 to July 20.
  • For hikes from December 1 to February 28, 2025, the Seasonal Lottery will be open from October 1 to October 20.

You can enter the lottery only. It costs $6 to enter up to six individuals. This fee is non-refundable. Permits are awarded five days after the lottery ends. If you get a permit, you’ll need to pay an additional $3 for each person registered.

If you miss these lotteries, are planning a last-minute visit to our Zion National Park vacation rentals, or if you didn’t get a permit in this lottery, you still have one more chance.

The Day-before Lottery opens daily at 12:01 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m. MT. Permits are awarded at 4 p.m. MT. You’ll still pay $6 to enter up to six people, and $3 per person if you get a permit.

How the Permits Work

If you’re lucky enough to get a permit during your stay in our Zion National Park vacation rentals, your permit will have a time printed on it. This time is when you need to be at the Grotto, which is located at Shuttle Stop 6 on the Zion Canyon Shuttle line and is where you’ll begin your hike. 

Make sure to leave extra time to get here. If you’re visiting outside of the Zion Canyon Shuttle season, you’ll need time to find parking and walk to the Grotto. If the shuttles are in operation, you’ll need to leave time to ride the Springdale Shuttle from Watchman Villas or to walk to the park entrance. From there, you’ll need to hop on the shuttle and ride to stop 6.

When you arrive at the Grotto, a ranger may ask to see your permit. Rangers may also be located on the trail to check permits. At the Grotto, there is a water refill station where you can fill up your bottles before your hike. There is no other water on the trail, so make sure that your bottles are full before you start your hike. There is also a pit toilet located at this shuttle stop. 

Planning Your Stay in Our Zion National Park Vacation Rentals

Now that you know how to hike Angels Landing during your stay in our Zion National Park vacation rentals, it’s time to get planning. The earlier you book your stay, the better your chances of getting a permit, because booking early enough will allow you to enter the Seasonal Lottery for the dates of your stay.

If you’re thinking about visiting Watchman Villas in 2024, now is a great time to book your stay. Right now, when you book a stay of four or more nights before May 31, you’ll enjoy a 25 percent discount on your stay. Book today to take advantage of these savings!

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