How Hiking Zion Will Bring Your Sexy Back

Jan 23, 2019 | Article


Have you lost your sexy?  Who knows? Hopefully, that realization is up to you and not thrown in your face by somebody else.  What does losing your “sexy” mean, exactly? It could be a change in health, self-confidence, or love of life.  Bringing back your sexy could mean anything from achieving more physical fitness, happiness, intelligence, money, or confidence.  For purposes of this article, let’s summarize your “sexy” as “confidence,” because confidence is born by many things and is sexy, right?  To be sure, we’re not talking about drastic measures like psychotherapy, a medical degree, or plastic surgery. No, bringing back your “sexy” by hiking Zion is a whole lot better, less expensive, and more fun.

How Does Hiking Zion Boost Self-Confidence

  1. The first way that hiking Zion boosts self-confidence is by launching your fitness to a new level.  It does this by challenging both heart and muscle endurance. The SAID principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) applies just as well to hiking Zion National Park as it does to boring treadmills at the gym.  It means that when you hike, you are imposing demands on your muscles, bones, and heart to accomplish the task; therefore, the body begins to adapt to the exercise, thus making you fitter. The adaptations are seen in the form of less fat, better muscles, stronger bones, and a more efficient cardiovascular system.  Fitness makes you feel better, carry more self-confidence, look better in more clothes, and perform better at whatever the task.

2. Hiking Zion offers trails for every fitness level.  If you need short and easy, you got ‘em; if you’re up for moderate intensity, you have plenty to choose from; and if you’re a stud, the five to 20-mile treks are daring you to embark.  Regardless of the hike intensity, all have the potential to raise your self-confidence for three reasons: 1) the gorgeous scenery is humbling and inspiring, which feed your spiritual side.  Developing your spiritual side awakens gratitude and quiet confidence; 2) the social aspect alone improves your awareness of others and brings much of your sexy back. Not many things are sexier than a guy who carries a struggling child, helps a lady with sprained ankle up or down the mountain, or offers clean water to a thirsty someone in need.

3. As part of your trip to hiking Zion, remember that how and where you stay impacts your “sexy.”  Show some dignity by booking a rental at Watchman Villas. The environment of class and beauty goes a long way to bringing your “sexy” back.  Staying in a well-equipped villa shows your intelligence and independence, knowing you can cook in the beautiful kitchens, keep handy your favorite drinks and health foods, and enjoy the deck outside, which provides magnificent views of the canyons.  Tackling tomorrow’s hikes in Zion is a pleasure after a luxurious rest overnight.


How Hiking Zion Will Bring Your Sexy Back

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