Springdale: The Ideal Christmas Getaway

Dec 5, 2017 | Article


The holiday season is very consistent in its ability to instill all sorts of particular emotions that lead to behaviors that aren’t consistently felt during any other time of year. Generosity, a desire to be close to family, an embrace of tradition – all of these things seem to be magnified during the months of November and December. The Christmas season also usually brings time off of work which tends to be spent with those we care about most. This holiday season, if you are looking to get away with those you love, or with that one special person, particularly if you live in Southern Utah, Springdale is the ideal Christmas getaway location. And of all the hotels near Zion, Watchman Villas near the Springdale & Zion Canyon Visitor Center is the optimal choice.

Because Watchman Villas is made up of vacation rentals rather than hotel rooms, you have significantly more privacy than you would have at a conventional hotel. Most hotels near Zion are in this more traditional vein, and though they are all incredible in their own right, vacation rentals offer a different experience that many travelers. No knocking housekeepers, no crowded elevators, no waiting in line, and no parking difficulties. If you hope to find a spot for your Christmas getaway where you’ll ultimately be left alone, Watchman Villas in Springdale, UT is the place.

Springdale also offers wonderful weather during the Christmas season that leads to all sorts of activities and scenery that are certainly unique to this time of year. A little nippy in the morning but perfect during the day, it’s just right. You won’t need to worry about bringing snow boots as there is almost never snow in Zion – only on very rare occasions. The fall and winter colors in Springdale, UT are a sight to see. You and your loved ones will be astounded at all of the incredible natural beauty there is to see here, much of which is accentuated during the winter months. And all of the restaurants, museums, bars, and shops will be uncrowded as Christmas time is during the off-season, so you won’t have to worry about calling in before and making reservations because more than likely it will just be you and the other people who have realized the magic of staying in hotels near Zion during Christmas time.

This Christmas, make Springdale your holiday getaway location. Visit watchmanvillas.com today and book your villa!


Springdale: The Ideal Christmas Getaway

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