Horseback Heaven At Zion And Bryce Canyons

Apr 9, 2019 | Article


Among the many unforgettable activities to do at Zion and Bryce National Parks in Southern Utah is horseback riding.  There’s nothing like horseback riding through gorgeous vistas, colorful meadows, and weaving around the many majestic rock formations to give you a case of stress amnesia.  This article presents some of Southern Utah’s best horseback experiences.

From the colorful red rock canyons of Zion and Bryce to the vast, colorful wilderness of three other national parks in Utah, the horseback possibilities are plenty and pleasing.  Tour guides and outfitters stand ready to help you “get your cowboy on.” The hoof sounds and classic western scenery will have you wishing you had brought a cowboy hat and chaps.

Riding Bryce

Horseback riding through Zion and Bryce Canyons is both humbling and inspiring.  You realize how little you are in the grand scheme of things, yet the grandeur speaks awe and reverence to you.  Seeing the Hoodoos of Bryce makes you wonder how wind and rain could sculpt such other-worldly statues that look like Watchmen, standing guard over Bryce’s sacred grounds and forests.  The Hoodoos don’t need weapons to command respect. You just know not to get too far off the trails.

Most of the riders are excited and maybe a bit nervous because it’s their first time in a saddle.  At the Bryce Canyon Lodge, a cowboy welcomes you with all the pertinent information on trail riding by horseback.  Choose between a two- or three-hour ride. You’ll embark from Sunrise Point, and enter the spectacular canyon, and eye-witness the Silent City, Chessman, Wall of Windows, and Bristle Cone Pine Trees.

Riding Zion

From spring to fall, you have your pick of horseback vendors to guide you through Zion National park. Outside the Park, you can ride year-round on both private and public lands. Zion features a plethora of landscapes to ride through:  sandstone canyons, colorful desert scapes, alpine forests, and red mountain trails. The horses know the routes like the back of their hooves.

Please take a few minutes to speed-date the horses before choosing your favorite.  They don’t say much, so let yourself get lost in their bold and beautiful eyes. Further bonding will occur at Cowboy Camp, where you will learn to work your horse, learning the skills of directing your cavallo, changing directions, speeding em up, and slowing em down.  You can even play with your horse—anything but Basketball Horse. That pisses em off.

See More Wildlife in Zion And Bryce

At both Zion and Bryce Canyons, riding horse brings more wildlife sightings and photography.  The wildlife don’t scare as easily from horses as they do from hikers. You’re likely to see more animals than you’re accustomed to.

Stay At The Watchman

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Horseback Heaven At Zion And Bryce Canyons

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