Gift Shops in Springdale, Utah

Aug 27, 2018 | Article


Besides offering awesome scenery and luxurious lodging, such as the Watchman Villas, Springdale hosts some excellent shops for collectors and tourists.  The best gift shops in Springdale, Utah showcase everything from fine art to rare gems to handmade knick-knacks.  The shops are conveniently located on the main drag, many within walking distance of each other.

Local Art

The David J. West Art Gallery dazzles the eye with fine photographic art of the Southwest’s most breathtaking vistas.  Perspective and vibrant colors make these pieces calming and gorgeous.  It has become a favorite of both residents and visitors, alike.  This art gallery sits at 801 Zion Park Boulevard.

Joy Craft and Design, at 932 Zion Park Boulevard, displays some very cool arts and crafts.  Run by Joy Stein, a self-taught artist, the shop features handmade ceramic cups and mugs, hand-painted tiles, felted soap bars, handmade turquoise rings, copper patina jewelry, beaded jewelry, iolite on silver teardrop necklaces, plasma cut shovels, handmade vegan shea butter soaps, scented soaps, and New Lander stud earrings.

Joy said, “Because of the inspiring natural environment, my art has been significantly influenced by the desert sandstone surroundings. Color plays an important role in my vision, where cadmium orange cliffs and violet shadows are some of the signatures of my style.”

Worthington Gallery, at 789 Zion Park Boulevard, is a treasure of beautiful arts, crafts, and pottery, carefully made by mostly local artists.  Color and quality are excellent, and the prices reflect it accordingly.

Lafave Gallery gets outstanding reviews from its customers.  A place of exquisite creations from glass, wood, photography, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, and paint, this shop should not be overlooked.  It sits just outside the south entrance to Zion National Park.


Zion Outfitter carries gear and clothing for tackling the hikes and water sporting of Southern Utah.  You can also book boating tours, rent bicycles and water tubes, and buy clothes and gifts.

Zion Rock and Gem, 1416 Zion park Boulevard, is for anyone who appreciates gems and beautiful rocks.  Outside the obvious rockhounds, children and their parents find cool stones to feel, collect, and give to their special someones.  This place gets excellent reviews for selection, beauty, and customer service.

Historic Artwork

Tribal Arts Zion is home to some of the most hard-to-find craftsmanship of the regional Native Americans.  It features authentic Native American jewelry, pottery, rugs, baskets, fetishes, kachinas, sculpture, by Hopi, Navajo, Kewa and Zuni artists.  The shop also sells pottery from Mata Ortiz, along with Alebrijes (colorfully-painted wood carvings) and Zapotec rugs and from Oaxaca, Mexico. As far as gift shops in Springdale go, this is one of the best because it is so unique.

Frontier Plunder is a special shop that features Native American arts and crafts and many other nice pieces.  The clothing, dolls, and books are intriguing and rare enough to stand out in your home or when showing off in school or out on the town.  It stands at the entrance to Zion National park in Springdale.  Harriet Killshorse and a few friends have been displaying treasures here for over 20 years.

Workers at Frontier Plunder can explain the history of many of the items for sale.  The exterior of the shop will delight you with authentic Indian, Mountain Man, and Californio-Mexican artifacts.

Be sure to visit some of the best gift shops in Springdale on your next visit!



Gift Shops in Springdale, Utah

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