Why Watchman Villas is Perfect For Large Groups

May 9, 2018 | Article


Traveling with a large group? Look no further than Watchman Villas for the perfect accommodation. For those in need of condos to rent that act as a unique and convenient space that can house many party members with their own bedrooms and bathrooms, provide secluded spaces for individualized activity, and offer plenty of space for full-group dining, our Springdale vacation rentals are ideal. When taking a vacation with a big group, traditional hotels can often be somewhat cumbersome, restrictive, and impersonal. Our vacation rentals and condos for rent, on the other hand, offer a much more comfortable, home-style environment with more than enough space, beds, seating areas, and other features and amenities to give everyone in your party an incredible pleasant lodging experience. Here are some detailed reasons why Watchman Villas is the absolute best choice in Springdale and Zion Canyon for large group reservations.

Lots of square footage

Watchman Villas includes five total condos for rent, three of which are 1300 square feet. One of those three even includes an additional 1500 square feet of outdoor living and lounging area. The average hotel room has a lot less space than these condos for rent which is one of the reasons many people choose vacation rentals over hotels in general. You won’t be cramped in here, that’s for sure, even with many people staying in the same unit.

Keyless entry

How many times have you had to ask the front desk for a new room key while staying in a hotel? Well, at Watchman Villas we don’t have keys – only keypads. When you stay here in our condos for rent there is no need to share one or two room keys which often require organizing return times between many people so they can gain access. There are keypads on all front doors. Just make sure you all have the passcode memorized or written down and you can get in whenever you want independent of the whereabouts of anyone else in your party.

Multiple bedrooms in each unit

Our three larger condos for rent have a king bed in one bedroom and two queens in another, in addition to a pullout couch. Your kids can stay in one room while you and your spouse stay in another, or create separate sleeping quarters between girls and boys by designating rooms, all of which have their own bathroom and shower, dresser drawers, vanity, and more.

Spacious dining area with large table

Dining in the local Springdale restaurants is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it’s nice to get food to go and bring it back to where you’re staying or to make food there in your vacation rental. With a huge, full-service kitchen and enormous kitchen table, you can all bring your takeout back to Watchman and eat it or make your own dinner and comfortably dine in right there in the unit. Use the dining space to create a much more personal, intimate, and memorable dining experience. You won’t have any trouble fitting everyone around the table or stretching out the seating to the couches or bar seats in these condos for rent.

Multiple adjoining units

All five condos for rent that makeup Watchman Villas in Springdale, UT are adjoining so if you have a very large group that requires the reservation of multiple condos for rent, you’ll all have your own private space but still share the same property. Walk mere steps to the other units and easily stay connected with everyone in your party with instant access. There are no awkward in-room connecting doors as some hotels include. Stay connected while maintaining proper privacy. It’s a wonderful design.

Group discounts

Make sure to call us directly if you have a large group that needs multiple condos for rent so that you can take advantage of group discounts that we may be offering.


Why Watchman Villas is Perfect For Large Groups

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