A Real Watchman Does What?

Mar 26, 2019 | Article


The term “watchman” embodies much more than just a pragmatic definition of a man who watches over a building at night; the word’s depth and versatility have spawned many short stories, crime dramas, novels, and movies that evoke suspense, fear, courage, and celebration.  A 14th Century word from Middle English, Watchman connotes protector, safeguarder, custodian, sentinel, and caretaker. In this article, I’ll present the intriguing and “wowing” sides of “Watchman.”

Teenaged Watchmen

Back in the 70s, my friend and I were hired as night watchmen at a local burger joint.  We mopped the greasy floors, cleaned the surfaces of dining areas and the kitchen, and then plopped our sleeping bags at the back of the restaurant to sleep, ready at any sound of intrusion to defend the place.  The only intruder we encountered was a black widow spider, which bit my friend’s leg, making him only a little sick. We had fun with the spray hoses outside and entertained the thought of replicating the 70s fad of streaking naked around the building at 3:00 AM.  After all, surely nobody would see us.

The Wolf And The Watchman

Niklas Natt och Dag wrote a throat-gripping novel of The Wolf and the Watchman, which is so descriptive of terrible deaths that you either love it or hate it.  The watchman has a powerful role in the book. No spoiler alert needed, here.

Important Buildings

The Hollywood movie, Die Hard, presents the huge need for capable night guards over serious buildings.  Other literature and even true news stories reveal a watchman’s vulnerability to bribes, where the bad guy, in exchange for money, gets free passage to the building’s valuables and classified documents.

The Watchman Of Zion National Park

Zion National Park has its own massive guard to watch over and protect the canyon, its wildlife, river, and visitors.  Near the south entrance to Zion National Park is Watchman Trail, a 3.5-mile lollipop loop which climbs about 500 feet to a bench of rock.  From this spot, you’ll see breath-taking views of the nearby tower, The Watchman. It climaxes to a jagged spire piercing the blue sky 2,500 feet overhead. The hike begins by following the east bank of the Virgin River, which cuts through Zion Canyon, offering cool wading and therapeutic sounds. 

Only world-class rock climbers can scale The Watchman to its peak, so the trail places the rest of us safely to stunning views from high enough.  The last half-mile is level and scenic. The trail’s left side leads straight toward the peak with a  glorious overlook. Below the overlook are staggering views in all directions.  The orange apex itself stands to the southeast, and the massive Utah desert lies farther southward, stretching toward the Vermilion Cliffs of Northern Arizona.

The Watchman Villas

In Springdale, Utah, seizing the chance to stay at the Watchman Villas would enhance any vacation to Southern Utah.  Strong and beautiful, like its namesake, Watchman Villas protect you and take care of you with rustic, yet classy elegance.  The kitchens are finely equipped with all the right appliances, and the bedrooms and common areas are inviting, first-class and relaxing.


A Real Watchman Does What?

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