7 Myths Debunked About Watchman Villas of Springdale, Utah

Jan 1, 2019 | Article


Watchman Villas of Springdale, Utah has emerged as the premier vacation rentals near Zion National Park.  In just two years, the Watchman has earned a stellar reputation for luxury, convenience, and self-sufficiency.  Like any admirable enterprise, Watchman has its share of myths to bust, so this article debunks nine myths about Watchman Villas, saving you the time and trouble of researching them yourself.

MYTH 1:  The Watchman’s furniture is imported from Portugal from what is arguably the finest and most expensive furniture in the world.

 Boca do Lobo furniture may be the choice of the super rich, but for vacation condos near Zion National Park, they would make no sense.  The Watchman Villas of Springdale are furnished with classy, yet durable pieces, designed to endure the pounding of children’s feet.

MYTH 2:  The Watchman Villas are owned by Donald Trump.

Granted, Donald Trump was sighted visiting Zion Canyon and was heard to say, “This canyon is HUGE!” but he is not the owner of the Watchman.  The Dockstader family is.

MYTH 3:  The walls in the Villas are basically utilitarian, allowing you to BYOP (bring your own paintings).

On the contrary, the Watchman Villas of Springdale are decorated with the stunning photography of renowned photographer, David West, adding class and realism to the Villas’ style.  No need to BYOP.

MYTH 4:  Watchman Villas are too modern to fit the Zion Canyon motif.

Think again.  While guests rave about the class and comfort of the Watchman, the building materials and décor of Watchman Villas of Springdale includes some rustic beauty, matching the environment of Zion Canyon and the Southwest.  Fine woods, stonework, classic shingles, and gorgeous colors make the facility authentic to the backdrop of orange sandstone.  For the comfort of guests, the Villas feature up-scale kitchens, nice furniture, outdoor sports, wireless internet, washer and dryer, air conditioning, landline phone, cable and satellite TV, and a hairdryer, just to name a few.  The largest villa, the Aspen, sleeps eight, and its balcony/deck provides a panoramic, majestic view of Zion Canyon.

MYTH 5:  Watchman is too far from Zion Park.

Well, what is too far?  One mile, ten miles, fifty miles?  Watchman Villas of Springdale stands only one mile from Zion’s main entrance, giving the option for a brisk walk or a short and free shuttle ride.  The Zion shuttle stops at the Hampton next door to the Watchman, where guests are able to climb aboard and take the shuttle to and from the Park throughout the day.  

MYTH 6:  Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank on the spot where the Watchman now stands.

Certainly, Butch Cassidy (Robert Leroy Parker) needs no more folkloric fodder added to his legend. Though Butch Cassidy was raised in Circleville, Utah (in the latter half of the 19th Century), which is near Zion National Park, he is blamed for only one heist in Utah, and it occurred in Castle Gate.  It is believed that Cassidy and Sundance rode through Zion Canyon at least once to see what all the talk was about. No bank stood in Springdale in the 1890s, where the Watchman Villas of Springdale now stands.

MYTH 7:  Watchman is closed during winter.

To the delight of off-season visitors to Zion, the Watchman Villas of Springdale prices in winter are half of the summer season prices.  What’s more, winter is a beautiful time to enjoy Zion, see wildlife, and appreciate the much smaller crowds.

7 myths debunked about watchman villas of springdale utah

7 Myths Debunked About Watchman Villas of Springdale, Utah

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